State Comptroller: No lessons learned from Carmel fire
Gad Lior, Meir Turgeman
Published: 04.12.18, 00:21
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1. Sounds just about right
Disillusioned   (12.04.18)
The start-up nation is more the "fizzle-out" nation. First, the mourning and the renting of clothes. Then come committees, inquiries and recommendations - all costing a small fortune.

It's just like Yom Kippur. You fast, your apologize, you promise to mend your ways, and next day, you just start your cheating, lying and robbing from scratch.

oleg ,   Florida   (12.04.18)
3. olmert bibi and yishai
jeff   (12.04.18)
olmert and yishai were ignorant in the extreme in not seeing ahead and not acquiring firefighting fleet in advance. bibi followed suit. then with carmel, he went begging the world including Moscow to dump water and other flame retardants on the fire. you have to be a moron not to think about this in advance. as i have said, bibi simply lacks the instincts to plan ahead. he doesn't see it. it is a lack of technical curiosity.

however, Israel did acquire a fleet of planes and materiel. other things like alarms, extinguishers, buildng codes, i don't know about. so shapira should give some credit. nonetheless, bibi, yishai and olmert were incompetent in this area plain and simple.

the same thing applies to Gaza. bibi signs off on Qatari money to Hamas which now threatens violence if no ceasefire deal occurs to their liking. bibi boxed himself in because he wanted quiet at any price so now he is beholden to Hamas, incidentally, his threats are empty, he will not seriously hit Hezbollah arms transfers. he lacks the guts to do it. instead of doing it, he runs to pompeo to threaten action. on his own, he is a wimp as lieberman implies. Bennett is watching closely.i wish i didn't have to say this but we have seen a toothless bibi over and over and over again.

lieberman should have done more in cabinet to force bibi and others to take action so that the perception of Israel as fearful of war in the minds of arabs would not have occurred.

this is all academic because bibi will not be pm in the next govt. and ynet fans can forget about lapid gabbay and livni. They who are even worse than bibi. the new pm will be Bennett especially if major conflict erupts,
. .
4. Proof the incendiary balloons were fiction.
NYNY   (12.04.18)
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