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The last Jewish town in Azerbaijan
Yoav Keren
Published: 22.12.18, 20:02
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1. MR
Eliyahu Kitov ,   safed   (12.22.18)
Nice informative article about fellow Jews. Surely we could do with more of these and less headline-hunting drama?
2. MR
Eliyahu Kitov ,   safed   (12.22.18)
Isn't it nice for once to read an article that isn't drama.- How do others feel about it.
3. Judaism is dying, in Azerbaijan also. Not needed any more.
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.22.18)
4. do they demolish Je homes there like we do to Arabs?
Avi Yeroshalmi ,   Tel Aviv   (12.23.18)
5. Crazy Julius, are Arabs peaceful in Israel like Jews there?
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.23.18)
6. Settlement
Robert ,   Uppsala   (12.24.18)
Jewish settlement in a Muslim country. This news surprised me actually. Taking into account the ambivalence towards Jewish people in the Islamic world, such a state of affairs deserves respect.
7. Not to worry.Israel is not "homeland" and not forever...
TheWall   (09.20.19)
...Jews will return to their real homelands sooner or later it Azerbaijan or Georgia, Lithuania or Russia , Poland,
or Hungary, Uzbekistan or Morocco...
Artificial "jewish-homeland" created thru violence, land robbery,
zionist brainwashing and lies, can not exist in peace.
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