Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
Is the New Israel Fund anti-Zionist?
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 03.12.18, 23:27
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1. CEO is Daniel Sokatch, not Mickey Gitzin, Idiot Ben-Dror
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (12.04.18)
... Yemini.

Why Ynet prints your inane articles, I don't know, you are either on Drugs, Alcohol, or have Brain Damage from childhood, or just too lazy and stupid to research the facts, and rather pander to the Right Wing base in Israel to keep you job.

2. Clueless, Dov the creep, Bertram the wimp are all anti Zion
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.04.18)
and Rafik the Arab is an Arab
'nough said
3. Is the NIF an accidental or real ally of Moscow?
AskNIF   (12.04.18)
Surely, most NIF members and supporters are decent people.

And most of them have never paid attention to the Active Measures of Moscow.

However, it is their duty to look up the term Active Measures on Wikipedia.

Even the Palestinians can read the history of the
Active Measures in their own self-interest.

The more people know its meaning, the closer we will be
to a peaceful coexistence with the Palestinians.

4. this is why I never give money to NIF
juha   (12.04.18)
There are plenty of pro-Israel Jewish organizations that deserve our support.
5. Gitzen is a capo; the NIF is a Judenrat. No?
Café Botz ,   Rishon L'Tzion, IL   (12.04.18)
US-based "establishment" Jewish philanthropy is just another Leftwing cause célèbre. US urban, liberal, Jews are too insulated, politically, socially and economically to have been aware that since at least the 1960's, the American Left has swung in a dangerously Marxist direction. As the Jews living in the nascent USSR were to discover, Marxism is not your friend. With philanthropy in the US incrementally hijacked by the SJW's, we are well within a time frame wherein liberal Jewish not-for-profits are going to find that they are increasingly supporting organizations whose first goal is to delegitimize Israel. Then, of course, the SJW's will move onto the Jews themselves because, that's what it's all about, really. The Jewish problem. Wake up, Jews!
6. And why not naming those people? Your discretion is misplace
ab   (12.04.18)
Somebody might be rubbing shoulders with these creatures not knowing their murderous intentions.
7. Did the Menendez Brothers Hate Their Parents?
David Uri ,   Israel   (12.04.18)
8. "War is peace" & "NIF is Zionist/pro Israel": you'd believe
anything, if you're a Leftist Loonie, right?
9. YNET cowards not naming these Anti Semites
Cowards ,   Jerusalem   (12.04.18)
10. Is the Pope a Catholic?
Tuvia Fogel ,   Milan   (12.04.18)
11. #1 sure...and the earth is flat...
deavman ,   TA   (12.04.18)
12. Is the new Israel fund anti zionist?
steve ,   beer sheva   (12.04.18)
I would have thought the question to ask is whether the Israeli government that includes the anti Zionist Haredim and pours millions of shekels into their pockets, if they are Zionists or not .
It seems that Yiddishkeit has blinded everybody from the obvious truth!
13. Of course it is. They say it is
empress trudy ,   raleigh   (12.04.18)
Moreover it's antisemitic. Again, they SAY they are.
14. NIF wants Israelis as Lab Rats for its social agenda
NIF=EvilPersonified ,   Jerusalem   (12.04.18)
The head of The New Israel Fund 20 years ago was interviewd onIsrael radio said said the” the vision is that Israelwill be a test tube for
progressive social agendas and IF they succeed they will be disenenated throughout the world” yes Israeli Jews we’re to be laboratory rats
For assimilated Jews watching the “ experiment “ from far way New York over cocktails in Manhattan
15. Mickey Gitzin
Jerry1800 ,   Plovdiv   (12.04.18)
needs to get khashoggied.
16. Discourage donating to the NIF. There are better options.
D. Price ,   Toronto   (12.05.18)
At the shiva of a close relative a few years ago an NIF fundraiser showed up asking for a donation to honor the deceased. My cousin, his son, listened quietly and said he'd "think about it". The causes the fund raiser listed were left wing in nature, helping women, the poor and so forth in Israel. They didn't mention the anti-Israel lobbying.

A shiva is not the place to get into political arguments, but I knew the deceased. They would have approved of the charities listed, but not the donor organization. What I should have done is recommended direct donations some of the charities mentioned, but not thru the NIF. Knowing what I do, were it my place to do so, I would have kicked the schnorer out. Vocally and with extreme prejudice.
17. Is the Pope Catholic?
18. obious is not always obvious
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (12.06.18)
the NIF was for the longest time well know to be very anti-Israel, very anti-Ziontist and very pro-Arab.

BUT, people on the left are finally opening their eyes and their closed minds to realizing this. Anyway, Good!
19. build a 2nd Jewish state
Aaron silverstein ,   builder co   (12.07.18)
I need a ship to start building a man made island over by Hawaii for the Jews...a 2nd Jewish state..
20. Kapo's and Jewicidal
Lee ,   LA   (12.10.18)
Total traitors to Israel and the Jewish people. J street, BDS, JVP all of them should be sanctioned and shamed. They are dead to me, complete zeros.
21. YES, next question please.
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