IDF launches operation to neutralize Hezbollah tunnels
Yoav Zitun
Published: 04.12.18, 14:05
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1. Now 'hotheads"know WHY IDF did not fall for Gaza trap.It was
Alan ,   SA   (12.04.18)
to divert Israel from the NORTHERN FRONT... You guys must listen to the chachamim!
2. Could apply to gaza ."Full of sound and fury,....
Alan ,   SA   (12.04.18)
signifying nothing"(Hamlet)-Gaza is just an irritation compared to North Front where there is Hezballah, ,Iran, Russia, Syria,Turkey Shia gangs from as far as Afghanistan...... So should Israel l fall into Sulimani/Salami plan to get Israel to take its eye off the ball and get involved in terrorist nest in Gaza with balloons and catapults and OK rockets.
3. Good job Tza'hal.
Corky ,   The Lebanese Riviera   (12.04.18)
It should be clear to any attentive viewer that Hezbollah has had as its intent to swarm out of the earth in the next go-round, paralleling HAMAS to the south. They have the technical know how and Iranian backing. The idea would be to get the Hez in the tunnels when you blow them, best of both worlds. Collapsed tunnels and suffocated Hez. Insha'allah.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (12.04.18)
In Lebanon. Amazing network of Jihad biz, that no one can really have a justified answer for. They call it Jihad for the glory of Allah, and then the Muslims follow like goats, but then they complain later that they have no jobs or money.
5. finally
C   (12.04.18)
hezbollah and its genocidal terror patron must be destroyed.
6. Why warn Hezbollah?
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.04.18)
They dig tunnels into Israel. They should fully expect them to blow up at any moment without warning.

Israel should pump in natural gas at high pressure and blow it up. Anything on the Lebanese side that is destroyed is Hezbollah's responsibility.

The least Israel should do, besides destroying the tunnels, is to announce to Hezbollah that a single terrorist surfacing in Israel via a tunnel will be the trigger for a response that will leave the Lebanese side of the border in ruins for at least 2 kilometers northward. Simple to understand: leave us alone or face destruction.

Everyone should remember that Hezbollah is the organization that blew up Rafik Hariri.
7. great job IDF !
Rafi ,   US   (12.04.18)
8. DNA: Lebanese, Canaanites, Bedouins, Palestinians are Native
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (12.05.18)
... to the Levant, Ashkenazi are not, but are Khazar converts to Judaism.

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