Women's strike in protest of domestic violence begins
Ynet reporters
Published: 04.12.18, 12:38
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1. So women..
Yoni ,   Kfar Saba   (12.04.18)
They should stop treating their men like slaves and they should also stop acting like men specially here in Israel. Most of the Israeli women are a bunch of tom boys after two years in the army.
2. They r correct. H’w’vr. How many men are murdered.?.
Eden   (12.04.18)
3. Stop faking murder for feminist propaganda.
NYNY   (12.04.18)
4. Women"s/human rights in Israel and in any other country
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (12.04.18)
It also is important and right, to have just and fair women"s/human rights in any country, with an own, national free and democratic/democratised system, written down in a constitution, with law and legislation. Behaviour and mentality also are relevant in practice and reality, individualy and collectivily/in/with a group, to a fair and honest community nationaly and world-wide/aboard/beyond, without distinction/discrimination, to try to reach almost a paradise/heaven on our planet Earth, for anyone.
5. Am I missing something here?
david ,   toronto   (12.05.18)
Israel is a country of 8.7 million people. 23 women were murdered this year, I couldn't find the number of total homicides for 2018 but typically women are usually 1/3 - 1/4 of homicide victims, so lets call it an even 100 murders. That's a rate of 0.87 per 100,0000 people. That's literally amongst the lowest murder rates in the world, lower than 26/28 EU countries, lower than Canada Australia, New Zealand.
This really is total feminist propaganda. there is absolutely nothing to protest. sorry folks, but a natural murder rate amongst millions of people is unavoidable and Israel's is literally one of the lowest on earth. You women are whining for nothing. I'm sitting in Toronto, known as a really safe international city, we are just over 3 million people and had 91 murders this year. almost 3 times the murder rate of Israel. And considering Israel is 20% muslim, 23 women murdered is amazingly low. congrats to Israel's arab population, they are leaving their arab bretheren in the dust when it comes to treatment of women.

Israeli women should be ashamed of this protest, they are slandering Israeli men and calling them abusers and murderers when they are factually and demonstrably some of the least violent on earth.
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