Enough is enough: domestic violence must end
Oded Shalom
Published: 04.12.18, 23:56
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1. Enough of banal slogans.
steve ,   beer sheva   (12.05.18)
It is very easy to shout banal slogans.
Violence against women is more prevalent in the Arab and Ethiopian sectors of Israeli society so this would mean changing the culture and values of these two sectors. In fact statistically Jewish Israeli men have one of the lowest violence rates against women throughout Europe. Certainly amongst non Muslims alcohol is a predominant cause of this and compared to Europe Israelis drink very little.
But the Facebook populist crowd love to shout to show how 'concerned ' they are. The government will then give more money at the expense of other sectors, which will sucked dry in salaries by those 'managing' the show.
Populism and slogans at the expense of knowledge - welcome to the modern age!
2. Violence against woman MUST stop.
tiki ,   belgium   (12.05.18)
Creating a traffic chaos is not the way!

It will have much more effect when thousands of woman, each one of them holding signs & banners with different texts of 'stopping violence against woman and walking in complete silence but thoroughly dignified through the streets of cities & villages .......monthly.

Creating chaos, hysterical shouting and lying down playing dead has been done before and doesn't have any effect.

3. What should end is marraige and children?
Jesus ,   NYNY   (12.11.18)
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