Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Tunnels are only a precursor to the real threat
Ron Ben Yishai
Published: 04.12.18, 15:42
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1. obstacle creates tensions on the frontier.
samuel tayar ,   Montreal   (12.04.18)
I wonder if tunnel building is also an obstacle which creates tensions on the frontier.
2. UN an obstacle
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.04.18)
I wonder why the UN did not quit their mission after their many, many failures, especially their responsibility to en force UN resolution 1701.
A worthless, Useless Organization that should be disbanded, firex, sent packing to the losers quarter.
3. How are tunnels possible? The UN is patrolling the border.
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.04.18)
"Hey, you UN guys!"
"Yeah? What do you want?"
"We're going to be bringing in some heavy equipment and we'll be making lots of noise at that house on the corner."
"You mean that one closest to the border?"
"Yeah, that's the one."
"What's the equipment for again?"
"We're enlarging the basement."
"Only the basement, nothing above ground?"
"Okay, have a nice day!"

So while UN observers observe tunneling activities, the placing of thousands of rockets and the hardening of residential buildings for war, they say and do nothing, notify nobody, alert nobody.

In other words, these UN 'peacekeepers' are getting paid for doing absolutely nothing. The UN has a pretty good racket going, eh?
EZEKIAL HAIM ,   LONDON   (12.04.18)
This should again focus attention on the danger of the IRAN axis and the great importance of the anti-Iran coalition in the Middle East as emphasized by the Trump administration.It is better for Israel to act now against the missile factories in Lebanon rather than wait until those missiles become more lethal.Israel can hit Hizbullah command and control centers early causing chaos within Hizbullah.
5. Wall vs tunnel
Arnie ,   Montreal   (12.04.18)
A wall is defensive. A tunnel is offensive. Clearly there is a difference.
6. Totally disagreed with downplaying the tunnel threat
Franck ,   Metz   (12.04.18)
Tunnels are not a precursor to the real threat. They ARE the real threat!

Tunnels don't have to have an exit in Israeli territory, they can be remotely imploded just bellow an IDF basement or a village or Kibbutz and obliterate the whole position with tons of explosive. They could potentially killed and wounded more IDF and civilians alike than the whole Hezbollah missile arsenal.

Had you watched the many videos of tunnel explosions during the Syrian civil war, you could see how formidable these low-tech remotely attack system are.
7. Tunnels ARE the real threat
Franck ,   city   (12.04.18)
8. safety of idf soldiers comes first
rex   (12.04.18)
with due respect to gen golan, idf soldier safety comes first. reports of enemy using women and child civilian as shields to avoid fire. also, assume that door entrances to homes are booby trapped. so the idf has to be ruthless about how they search a house. remote vehicles are needed to trigger ieds to spare gory explosions.

suffice to say idf exercises great restraint in protecting civilians. but there is a limit. you cannot h ave one side fighting dirty as hell, at the same time the idf is fighting with one arm tied behind its back. if necessary, the idf should fire at enemy home door entrances with trigger fire as Hamas mines door entrances.in other words, idf needs special munitions to take down explosives at door entrances from remote positions.
9. un sec gen condemns Israel for self-defense
dante   (12.05.18)
the secy gen of un opines that Israel's defensive wall constitutes a provocation and will increase tension. does this man know anything? is he a complete idiot? or, is he just determined to facilitate an attack upon Israel. btw: what has the idiot done to enforce UNSCR 1701? anything at all? no? no, of course, the idiot has not done his job. but, he's full of complaints against Israel for a defense made necessary by his failure.
10. I would like to hear in western media about the mdium range
Tehraniporou   (12.05.18)
missile that the pastaran tesed in iran
11. Tunels
Adolf   (12.05.18)
Al Manar tv reported today that the tunnels discovered ain't important, the others not found are more important for their strategy
12. "embarrasses Lebanese govt, Hezbollah and their Iranian...
Rafi ,   US   (12.05.18)
... patrons in the eyes of the international community."

Ron: are you kidding? After pillaging Syria & other locales for years with NO international penalty, why would Hezbollah and Iran now be "embarrassed" by an incident on the border with Israel?

Embarrassed with whom?

And even if that were true... then what? what are the penalties? and who will deliver them?

There may be various factors at play in exposing the tunnels, but shame or "embarrassment" cannot rate very high...
13. What if this tunnel was just a decoy?
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.06.18)
"Oh no! You found our tunnel!"

What if the tunnel simply disguised the digging of another tunnel ten feet below it? Israel thinks they've neutralized the threat, but the main threat still remains active. Nasrallah and his goons aren't completely stupid.

It's still amazing how the gov't ignored the pleas of the residents when they insisted they heard/felt the digging going on.

To see where this tunnel originated, it should have been pumped full of natural gas and detonated. It's the only way to know who was involved. If a half-dozen buildings explode, we'll see the real extent of Hezbollah's madness.
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