WATCH: IDF camera explodes as Hezbollah men approach
Itamar Eichner
Published: 04.12.18, 22:30
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1. Raid Algtard afraid to enter Hezbollah tunnel. Why? Coward!
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.05.18)
2. the enemy is allowed to escape?
dante   (12.05.18)
the terrorist escaped. the truck in the video was, apparently, not hit. can there be any good reason? hint: (despite the wishes of the eu & un, the object is to kill the enemy before he strikes.)
3. UNIFIL tried to 'calm the situation!" Hello??
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.05.18)
UNIFIL is responsible for everything that Hezbollah has accomplished! They turned a blind eye and ear to everything Hezbollah has ever done to rebuild, rearm, and resupply every weapons cache and hardened position.

To a reasonable observer, one could only conclude that UNIFIL works for Hezbollah!
4. Way to go IDF!
Giavellotto ,   Siracusa, IT   (12.05.18)
Next time make the explosion 5x more powerful. Take a couple Hez out with the camera. Fair warning given.
5. thank goodness that IDF did NOT get bogged down in a Gaza
Rafi ,   US   (12.05.18)
land invasion at this juncture... as the perennial right-wing hot heads have been clamoring for...

IDF leadership is fully capable of assessing where the nation's greatest security threats lay... and it is not from Gaza.

Gaza & Hamas ARE a problem - but not an existential threat to Israel.

IDF needs to keep its powder dry... and consolidate all resources to confront the growing threat in the North...
6. no end to this shit. we should have destroyed Lebanon>
oleg ,   Florida   (12.05.18)
long, long time ago. every prime minister and its generals were too soft when it came to Lebanon with its terrorists thats why israel is in deep shit withits northern border. The same situation with gaza and the west bank. no guts.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (12.05.18)
When are my peopl going to wake up and smell the coffee. Their country is being wasted on these pointless jihads al around the world.
8. Why the hell did they wait until he ran away?
Jake ,   Dallas   (12.04.18)
They should have exploded his face
9. under UNIFL's nose, or on UNIFIL's watch?
in any case UselessFIL should be sent home. time to take the gloves off and terminate Nassrallah & co. Send coffins to Iran.
10. too small explosion, leave live tripwire charges in place!
doda ,   givatiim   (12.05.18)
11. Look at it this way: the tunnel is an invasion route.
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.05.18)
Just a different form of the invasion that the Nazis did to all those destroyed countries. What do you suppose would happen if 500 armed-to-the-teeth Hezbollah soldiers crept out this tunnel? Can you imagine the carnage? And each one wearing an explosive vest to take as many IDF with them?

An invasion in any form is an attack on sovereign Israel. The tunnel itself is invading Israel. Israel is under attack.

Blowing up a section of the tunnel is not the answer. It can be dug out and repaired. The tunnel must be destroyed along its entire length. Fill it with explosives and set it off. Any structure on the Lebanese side that is destroyed is a valid target. Stop playing cat and mouse. Israelis will die if even one tunnel is not found. The size of this tunnel proves that Hezbollah was planning a massive attack, an attack which had actually begun the minute the tunnel passed into Israel.

Isn't one sovereign country attacking another sovereign country the definition of war? Lebanon is at war with us. What are we going to do about it?
12. To bad the explosion didn't blow their ugly Islamic faces
out the backside of their heads.
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