Residents of north warned about tunnels but were ignored
Lior El Hai, Goel Beno
Published: 05.12.18, 16:33
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1. The IDF has known about the tunnels for many years
Shachar ,   Eilat   (12.06.18)
Hezbullah was using tunnels to appear out of nowhere when Israel was in South Lebanon. When we left South Lebanon it was already certain that Hezbullah would try to build tunnels across the border. In 2006 the IDF unearthed a series of tunnels Hezbullah had built near the border but it was obvious they were having problems with the hard ground and a lack of machinery. Listening devices were installed inside South Lebanon and the IDF let Hezbullah spend millions of dollars on tunnels they knew they could destroy. This has to be kept secret obviously, you can't go round telling residents about it.
2. livni attactive but dumb as a doorknob
eli   (12.06.18)
it is difficult to deal with livni, an attractive yet ignorant security figure like olmert. she authored the toothless hezbollah resolution which had holes in it like Swiss cheese. now she attacks the tunnel operation in the north as unnecessary at this time. instead, just like olmert she runs to the international community to do something about tunnels.

Israel does not need her to be even part of the govt/

such an ignoramus can never be trusted to hold the levers of power again.
3. 1683
Moishe   (12.08.18)
Even 1683 in Vienna they people knowed how to locate the turkish diggers!

You needed only a big water barrels at housebasements.You see in the water when they dig with hammers.
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