Hezbollah releases new tunnel operation footage
Ynet reporters
Published: 05.12.18, 18:45
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1. UN 1701 was a joke from the beginning.
Steven Gilbert ,   Teaneck   (12.05.18)
Sadly, Israel turned out to be the big loser. The policy was to never allow a hostile military of major proportions arise on its borders. Another policy was to never entrust others, e.g. UNFIL, with you defense. Israel violated both and is unable to disarm the threat. Major blunder. Odds of an eventual war are high. Then the question becomes, if war is inevitable, when is the best time to have it? Hint: When your adversary is weak, versus waiting for him to get stronger.

Either way, this story will not likely have a happy ending.

Apologies to readers for the raising the sad reality.
2. elementary my dear watson- said Sherlock Holmes
Eddie   (12.05.18)
The crushed stone which was removed by digging the tunnel is / was used as aggregate to make the cement blocks.

This operation was actually profitable for them.

What's more they stole stone material from Israel to use in the blocks. Claim compensation please
3. endless misinformation.
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (12.05.18)
the aim of this misdirection is so that UNdiplomats have an excuse to blame us.
4. Hezbollah=Shia terror proxy of genocidal Shia Iran
C   (12.06.18)
as long as genocidal shia terror regime of iran exists, israel will continue
to live under permanent existential threat.
5. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (12.06.18)
waste of talent and resources. could better used to make people and place better. don't expect better from crazy people. pity stupid people that support being screwed.
6. Maybe IAF can fly through tunnels to avoid Russian S-300
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (12.06.18)
... missiles from downing Israeli fighter jets.

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