Opinion  Smadar Perry
What is Nasrallah up to?
Smadar Perry
Published: 05.12.18, 17:58
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1. Tunnels
mcohen   (12.05.18)
The real threat would be tunnels along the border with syria.jubata al khasab area.the tunnel triangle.gaza lebanon syria has been supported by iran for some time imho.
2. No Water
Moishe   (12.05.18)
Many ecperts say Iran will run out of water in 50 years.So Iran want to reduce it own population...
3. Let us take this a step farther...
DSM ,   USA   (12.05.18)
The author say Nasrallah is protected unless he commits a terrible folly. So while Israel waits for that folly, he continues to prepare his minions for a war in which he feels Israel will lose. When the war is unleashed Israel kills him, if they still know where he is, but Israel pays a terrible price waiting for him to "commit that terrible folly". This begs the question why such a small and surrounded country like Israel must always wait to be attacked before defending itself? If the answer is world opinion, and I think that is the answer, then Israel's leaders must be made aware that world opinion will never favor Israel no matter what the country does.In fact world opinion will celebrate a Jewish defeat.
4. I like the picture
Boaz   (12.06.18)
of the dog right beneath the article.
5. Imagine a world without Lebanon/Iran: it's easy if you try!
6. Where is Nasrallah????
claudio ,   nahariya   (12.06.18)
In the caves full of rats and with sherry serving him...….!!!!!
7. nothing really new presented in this article...
Rafi ,   US   (12.06.18)
8. Where is that , coward Nazrallah
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton   (12.06.18)
He is probably hiding somewhere deep down in his rat hole, planning evil against my brethren.
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