The challenge facing educators
Eran Prince
Published: 05.12.18, 22:35
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1. Believe in the chidlren, teach math.
NYNY   (12.06.18)
2. "secular education sector" not a good thing
david ,   new york   (12.06.18)
I don't think its good to divide people up this way. how did "secular" become an identity, when in reality it is an absence of identity?
all jews should know who they are, and separating a jew from religion is fake and in the end leads to self hating jews (e.g. peace now, breaking the silence etc) . no one has to practice religion if they aren't up for it, but it should be taught and valued even in "secular" schools. otherwise, you are cutting off these people from the jewish future.
you must educate values or it will come up to bite you in the behind in the next generation
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