B’Tselem, Palestinian counterpart win human rights prize
Itamar Eichner
Published: 06.12.18, 12:06
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1. Israel should give humanitarian prize to FR Yellow Jackets
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.06.18)
2. A Blow to Peace
Ed ,   USA   (12.06.18)
A perfect way to encourage Palestinians to continue to refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.
4. Hagi represents the inner conscience of every true human
Aviva Azar ,   Tel Aviv   (12.06.18)
5. An Honor to the world, a shame for Israel, typical Israeli..
Ken   (12.06.18)
FO ,   Belgium   (12.06.18)
18 years ago, the 30th of January 2000, started the "Al Dura" affair, a staged one minute video, filmed by the Gaza cameraman on behalf of France 2 correspondent Charles Enderlin. The harm this video caused Israel's image in the world was tremendous. Charles Enderlin treated anyone opposing the authenticity of this spot with a trial. Where was Israeli Hasbara? None= existent. Instead of being accused for treason, Charles Enderlin kept his accreditation as correspondent in Israel, and his Arab cameraman got the first prize in France for the best news video spot... but a staged hoax. And here we go again: B'T Selem proclaimed, in Paris, laureate of the 2018 Human Rights prize. No wonder when Israeli official information is equal to zero. As said the British journalist Melanie Phillips in an interview by Aaakov Ahimeir: "your Hasbara is an absolute joke".
7. journo-shmourno
stoopid shmendrik   (12.06.18)
8. anti-semites celebrating anti-semitism.
9. where do they award it?
avi   (12.06.18)
In Vel D'hive?
10. End of Occupation
Erol ,   Vancouver   (12.06.18)
Until Abbas or some other Palestinian leader finds the courage and strength to reach a reasonable deal with Israel that achieves the concept of two states for two peoples and that protects Israel’s security, or until he is pushed into doing so, there are only two alternatives: occupation or free-wheeling terrorism from the West Bank that would help no one (see Gaza as an example). Occupation is the only reasonable alternative, and saying otherwise is pure hypocrisy.
11. Unfortunate fate of decent people
TY10   (12.06.18)
It is true that the Israeli occupation should end.
The B'Tsalem approach is achieving just the opposite.
The burden is on the Palestinians. Their failed leadership must
be tossed on the pile of historical errors.
The Palestinian people must cut the links to extremism,
Russian and Islamic incitements, and build a civilized nation.
Only then can we hope for peace.
12. Since we're free to act upon our understanding of reality,
there's nothing we can (or should) do about that abomination (B'tselem& its minions).
We can only shake our heads and regret that such lacking in basic intelligence individuals were born into our nation.
13. Name calling is immature stupidity, when will you grow up?
Ken   (12.06.18)
14. Were it up to the eurotrash they would murder the Jews
Al   (12.06.18)
all over again.

To hell with them..

AS to the Jews in Europe...get a brain and get the hell outa there.

Is the welfare so good over there?
15. Ben Gurion would say:
"Hamas and Hezbollah are our problems, liberals are our curse".
16. When do we get one?
Heinrich Himmler ,   Berlin   (12.07.18)
We do as much as theses guys and we have better uniforms
17. The French Republic's 2018 Anti-Semitic Prize
Gavriel Rechov ,   Swingate, Kent UK   (12.07.18)
The case of Hagai El-Ad is not the first nor will it be the last in Israel's contentious history with nations, especially France.

On June 17, 1244 CE, twenty-four carriage loads containing twelve-thousand volumes of the Jewish Talmud and other religious manuscripts, were set on fire before the Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris, after being judged blasphemous in the infamous Trial of the Talmud, which took place in 1240 at the court of the King Louis IX of France.

Let no one think that such a crime was concocted by an illuminated Christian bigot. Absolutely.That sacrilegious burning was the work of Nicholas Donin, a Jewish apostate excommunicated from his ghetto, who after being expelled requested Christian baptism and professed as a Franciscan friar. In 1238 Donin asked an audience with Pope Gregory IX to denounce before him that thirty-five articles of the Talmud contained virulent attacks against the Virginity of Mary, the divinity of Jesus and the truthfulness of Christianity.

The first consequence of the judgment of the Talmud was that Louis IX ordered that any laymen should plunge a sword into the chest of those who would speak ill of the Christ. Furthermore, he expelled the Jews from France, and their property and synagogues were confiscated.

The French thirst of blood and codice also arrived to England. In 1264 happened the massacre of Jews in London, and in 1290 all English Jews were banished.

What great accomplishments were those of the Donin the Jew!

To say the bitter truth, Jewish apostates have always been the intelligence in the shadow of the most atrocious maneuvers of anti-Semitism. It is necessary to remember that the four Gospels were initially composed and written in Hebrew, and later translated into Greek. And without the works of Flavius Josephus, born Yosef ben Matityahu, another Jewish apostate, the Gospels would be an indecipherable enigma.

Nobody should be surprised by the granting of this iniquitous prize to a Jew. France and the Europeans owe him the formalization of the most advanced trend of anti-Semitism, the best adapted to the present times.

Another great and legendary accomplishment!
18. B'Tzelem is the creation of Western leftist elits
C   (12.06.18)
their goal is to undermine the sole sovereign jewish state of israel.

their hypocrisy is monumental and will not achieve anything
positive in the search for peace between jews and muslims.

it must be stated that as of now, christians are ethnically cleansed
from muslim lands. in egypt, christian girls are kidnapped and raped
by muslims and many disappear forever.
19. Good
Jabali ,   Kabali   (12.07.18)
Congratulations for the award!

Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you. Never apologize for being correct, or for being years ahead of your time. If you’re right and you know it, speak your mind. Speak your mind. Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.
Mahatma Gandhi
20. Deeply shameful Israeli individuals& Quisling outfit!
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