50 kids rescued from flooded kindergartens in Rehovot
Ynet reporters
Published: 06.12.18, 13:09
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1. Every year the same story: flood waters....
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.06.18)
and the water is simply let to drain away. Why hasn't Israel developed the means to trap these flood waters and pump them away to holding basins for later use? New Orleans(USA) has massive pumps to drain parts of the city when it floods. Israel certainly can do the same. When low-lying areas flood, turn on the pumps and send it to a retention system pipeline that can feed into the Kinneret after filtering. Protect the low-lying areas and refill the Kinneret with one project. What are you waiting for? To be able to take more pictures the next time flooding occurs?
2. Israel needs a more clever way of collecting the flood water
and using it in dry seasons. How about some Start-Up dealing with this?
3. What Again?
joseph goldberg ,   Gush Israel   (12.06.18)
Everywhere there was flooding, the infrastructure probably dated to the days of the Second Aliyah.
4. Blame HAMAS for sending water balloons like ....
NYNY   (12.06.18)
the fake incendiary balloons there is no evidence, so no problem.
5. Can we get some professionals to run this place?
Vered, Israel   (12.06.18)
For all our talk about what a modern nation we are (hint: if you have to keep saying it, well…) we act like we're some third world country at the mercy of monsoon season. We need a TEAM of civil ENGINEERS to stop this silly, predictable flooding. We spend as much per capita on our schools as the Americans do, yet we have concrete boxes that leak, with school grounds that flood with cascading water. Enough.
6. flooding crimes
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (12.07.18)
2 cm rain is not a problem when it covers the area, only it does not stay where it came down, but flows to lower places over beton and asphalt that does not absorb it. the flows can be directed to a reservoir, so that no flooding needs to occurr.indolence and fatalism are the reasons for flooding and endangering small children.
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