IDF worried Hezbollah tunnels could endanger IDF patrols
Yossi Yehoshua, Israel Moskowitz
Published: 06.12.18, 20:45
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1. Hezbollah didn't need Tunnels to retaliate against the IDF's
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (12.06.18)
... unprovoked cross-border attacks against Lebanon and Syria, including the murdering of 6 Hezbollah fighters, and 1 Iranian General in 2015.

2. Without their subterranean network Hizbolla is at the mercy
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (12.07.18)
of the IAF
To Hizbolla this is a game changer
Looks like Nazi-ralla has lost his grin
3. Tzahal, well done
C   (12.06.18)
netanyahu, eisencott and all agencies, well done.
special notice to the israelis living in the northern border area who have
known for a long time that terror tunnels were being dug by hezbollah
right under their feet but remained resolute and courageous.
4. Hezbollah actually does need the Tunnels
Ardeth Bey ,   Detroit   (12.07.18)
One writes here that Hezbollah doesn't need tunnels to retaliate against Israel. It is unique what one will think or say with blinders on because of hatred toward this unique nation.
Of course one knows, should Hezbollah be foolish enough to begin firing on Israel, their hair in all probability could wind up looking like a Jr SOS pad. :-)
5. Tunnels have not harm IDF for 2 years, why a threat now?
Ken   (12.07.18)
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