US fails to win enough support at UN to condemn Hamas
Published: 07.12.18, 12:10
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1. That tells us all we need to know about the UN.
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.07.18)
2. Danon needs replacement. Too long Nicky Haley did all the wk
Eden   (12.07.18)
3. nothing new at the Useless Nations. Knew it was coming.
4. hamas, U.N. and U.S.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (12.07.18)
US failed to have the support in the UN General Assembly, to condemn hamas because of the majority of the "islam" world-caliphate in the U.N.G.A. Unfortunatelly the UN does not democratically represent the peoples (more than 190 countries) of the UN-members states, nationally, internationally and worldwide. It only represents a number/few governments of some UN-memberstates, with ties of multinationals in the business, economy and financial sector, for example the world Bank, the International Monetary Fund, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO and European Union, EU.
5. Same thing happened about 6 months ago
The same thing happened about 6 months ago. I think Nikki Haley foresaw this and worked to have enough votes to reject a 2/3rds vote (only a simple majority was needed to defeat it) in the event that the PLO (which it did) call for a 2/3rds majority instead of a simple majority to pass the resolution. The vote to pass the 2/3rds was 74/72/29 - so if the US had been able to get three more votes to reject the 2/3rds requirement, then a simple majority would have been all that was needed.
Nikki Haley - thank you - you tried and fought valiantly!
6. hamas, US and UN
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (12.07.18)
The United States did not get enough support to condemn hamas in the United Nations General Assembly, because the "islam" world-caliphate (organization of islamic cooperation) was against it. hamas also belongs to the "islam" world-caliphate. It does not matter, whether this UN exists or not, unless it represents the UN-membership countries with the peoples of them and our humankind, more than 190 countries and almost 8 billion people, democratically, worldwide on our planet. Not only critize the UN, but also give reasonable, constructive and credible alternatives, for the benefit of all countries and peoples, for all of us, who also pay taxes and contribution for it.
7. I guess the fact that Israel illegally entered Gaza and
Ken   (12.08.18)
killed people before the start of the missle fire, and subsequently bombed Gaza, again killing people, had something to do with the vote. Some states can’t be bribed.
8. Just like the EU, this UN will end and pretty soon too.
9. the UN circus
steve ,   beer sheva   (12.08.18)
Those that voted against this should receive NO AID from the US.
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