Israel likely to allow medical cannabis exports by year-end
Published: 08.12.18, 17:12
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1. CBD oil
Don Saliman ,   Nahal oz   (12.09.18)
when will the patients, who need it for their pain etc, be able to use it for their health? I have fibromyalgia and insomnia and not one have helped me at all.
2. Maryjane money
Yaakov ,   Beer Sheva   (12.09.18)
I wonder why I have the feeling this new law is for the benefit of a few?
3. The only form of marijuana that is not hallucinogenic is the
Rivkah   (12.24.18)
rectal suppository dosage form. That is the only dosage form for medical marijuana that should be allowed and only for those over 27 years of age after the brain has completed its development. According to Mississippi Neurologist Dr. Russell Blaylock, marijuana damages the pre-frontal lobe of the brain and causes psychosis which is permanent. Marijuana damages brain circulation and is 100x more toxic that nicotine. The Holy Scriptures warns that unrepentant sorcerers go to hell and are rejected from haShem's kingdom. What is a sorcerer? Someone who uses or provides to others hallucinogenic drugs. It is wrong to put doctors and nurses and PA's and NP's and Pharmacists' eternal souls in jeopardy so that Marijuana can be put on the market.
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