Netanyahu urges Merkel to stop funding Berlin's Jewish Museum
Itamar Eichner
Published: 09.12.18, 16:56
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1. Idiotic!
Jacob Edeleman   (12.09.18)
Prime Minister Netanyahu and his ilks wonder why signs of anti-semitism increase in Europe and the United States. When people read about such Nazi-inspired diktats to people who have suffered themselves terribly from Nazism they get mad at Netanyahu for spreading this false gospel of lies, intolerance, narrow mindedness and above all dictatorial pronouncements from the little guy in Israel!
2. eisencott and unifil
joe   (12.09.18)
esiencott presents hezbollah tunnels into Israel and then asks UN to destroy them. that is like showing gas chambers to waldheim of the UN to destroy them. eisencott has turned into netanyahu. it is pathetic. document the tunnels and then destroy them.

eisencott has turned into netanyahu.
3. Unfortunately for bibi Germany is a Democracy
Atheist   (12.09.18)
Not like Israel... A bibicracy
4. They can fund all they want, it's their country. Bibi should
stick to his own piece of property, namely Israel.
he doesn't do such a great job either.
5. I believe we’re talking about German Jewish administrators
OutThemNameThem! ,   Jerusalem   (12.09.18)
This brings memories of the self hating” Germans of the Mosaic Faith”
In Nazi Germany we need to name names here are these the leaders of the ill reconstituted “German Jewish Community “ doomed to fail too small too scattered to assimilated 100,000 at most few children and the estimated 11,000 Israelis there are not only involved in communal life but tend to be
Anti Israel Let’s mane these Museum Directors and see what their “ Jewis” backgrounds are if any.....,
6. Antisemite Merkel and TRAITOR Zandberg are enemies of Israel
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (12.10.18)
DISGUSTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. Mark Wiseman, FB fake Jew
C   (12.10.18)
germany will never be a moral authority.

arabs do not have a legitimate connection to jerusalem.
jerusalem has been a jewish city for the past three thousand years.
the imperial arab conquest of the land of israel and of jerusalem
did not turn jerusalem into an arab city.
8. Merkel & Germany have taken of their masks.
tiki ,   belgium   (12.10.18)
They now openly support every anti Israel group & NGO.

The thin veneer of respectability has melted in the heat of their euphoria over legitimate free hate speech against the Jew & the Jewish state in the name of morality & free speech.

No one to stop them....on the contrary. I's the new/old 'morality' sweeping over Germany again with Mutti Merkel showing us the way.

The Judenhass virus is back in full force!
9. a fictious letter from merkel to netanyahu
tomer ,   jerusalem   (12.10.18)
Dear Prime MInister ,

with interest i read your seven page letter.
i take liberty to remind you that during our 7th german-israel government consultations we discussed already all points raised in your letter and much more.
my government is and will always stand by Israel with respect to israels security( i wish to remind you that our practical commitment in supplying israel further with world class submarines once the investigation in this matter have been settled) and other military equipment,our extensive mediation efforts in various areas concerning hezbollah and hamas to quote
a few.
Our commitment to israels economic well being including the area which you like most : start-ups,cooperation and direct investment.
my personal commitment that germanys responsibility to the "shoah" will never be forgotten and our contributions until today to eliviate at least partly
the sufferings of survivors.
My governments efforts to support jewish organistions,israeli buisnesses and protection of jewish institutions are well known and respected .
Under my government and governments before me germany made extraordinary progress in improving relations with israel in all areas .
This is a remarkable achievement. Our fight against anti-semitismn is high on our political agenda and our laws and actions reflect this.In education facilities in germany special attention is given to "holocaust",anti-semitismn
and our collective guilt .
Thousands of tourists come every year fom germany to israel and vice versa
and numerous personal "bridges" are being built ,joint projects in universities,schools,buisnesses etc. are proof of our efforts to continue to
improve the relations.
I do not want to hide the fact that ,as good friends ,we have points where we have different opions. You know well that we see with critical eyes your
governments settlement policies, your view of the iran nuclear deal is not our view and we are critical of your "national bill". Furthermore we see critical
your governments attempt to curb the freedom of your "high courts" and "press" and your growing "warming-up" to european extreme right wing ,anti europe elements . We too would wish you had ,as an extremely experienced politician, a more visonary policy plan for the future of Your state and we would gladly assist you in creating such so you wish.
We would be thankful too if you could ,via the media outlets you are in control of ,try to report a bit more favourable about germanys contributions in your beautiful country. (or better not,that would proof you had control over the media).
I for my part ,as you know,gave up after 18 years leading the CD,.my chair and i will not not stand in 2020 for reelection. Maybe we will meet, once you
to take a similar step, over a german beer in wonderful Berlin or tel-aviv.


a bit more
different opinions
10. Israelis should DEMAND Bibi stop supporting "Palestinians"!
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.10.18)
Merkel's funding of the fictional "Palestinian" narrative is despicable, but not surprising. What is infinitely more destructive? The insane flow of Israeli food, money, electricity, work permits etc. to our mortal "Palestinian" foes. This mad support keeps their evil fictional entity afloat and allows them to endlessly murder, maim, harass us and harm us every way they can. Israelis should DEMAND Bibi stop supporting "Palestinians"!
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