Shooting attack in Ofra: at least 7 wounded, including a pregnant woman
Elisha Ben Kimon, Yoav Zitun
Published: 09.12.18, 23:03
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1. "Price Tag" for murdering a mentally handicapped Native
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (12.10.18)
... yesterday, by shooting him in the back.
2. Bibi will give a speech....
DSM ,   USA   (12.10.18)
about what he is going to do about the shooting. It will be a lot of hogwash and he will do nothing.
3. I am sorry for the settler woman,but the occupation must end
Sami Sami ,   Ramallah   (12.10.18)
or give Pals equal rights in a democratic ( not Jewish) state
4. Arabs must be relocated to a designated area, preferably in
the part called Arabia.
Zion must be Araben-frei, jawohl!
5. perception is the key
jeff   (12.10.18)
if your enemy thinks you are weak even if you are strong, they will be emboldened to attack. so not hitting Hamas harder was a mistake by the idf and netanyahu( whose reluctance is legendary).

this now applies to the syrian Lebanese fronts where the idf is increasingly reluctant to fire towards Russian areas. where lieberman said he would fire regardless of where and when, bibi meets with Russia after giving it details that he need not know. the reason he does this is out of fear of the Russian bear.

now we have west bank terror attack. the courts can certainly take some of the blame with their lenient treatment of terror. also, Arabs hear bibi saying he would do anything to avoid war. they take that as a license to attack.

i call on bibi to step down from defense and give it over to Bennett. bibi is absolutely unfit to be defense minister. in fact bibi is as weaj as olmert and that is saying a lot when it comes to defense.bibi would not have hit the syrian reactor, or any other reactor. he is unfit to lead defense. that the israeli cabinet does not see this is a sad reflection on them.
6. arabs praise shooting of pregnant woman heroic
manny   (12.10.18)
the blood boils.

chamberlain and the President of France went before Hitler too plead for peace. killing ensued on a massive scale. then Churchill came with we will fight them here, everywhere.

Israel through netanyahu avoids war at any price and pleads for peace we want to avoid fighting as much as we can. so we get terror attacks and adversaries acting aggressively on the borders. worse the idf heads unlike Sharon, counsel avoidance.

Israelis are sitting there watching a flaccid leadership. they are upset at netanyahu but seem to have no way to boot him out of defense.

you want churchill, vote bennett and feiglin. you want chamberalin, keep voting netanyahu.

bennett, pull the plug, lets go to elections and fast.
7. Give the defense ministry to Bennent
Carlos ,   Belize   (12.10.18)
Give the dense ministry to the current "Education" Minister so he can go on a revenge killing opt and invade Gaza boots on the ground. Education ministers make good defense ministers.
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