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Church renovation lifts Christmas spirit in Bethlehem
Published: 11.12.18, 13:41
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1. WTF is "Christian Palestinian?! You bloody don't mention,
that the reason for Christians leaving all Muslim occupied areas is Islam's persecution, murder& rape of said Christians!
WTF: it only befits a leftist rag like Ynet.
2. That pagan GARBAGE should be TRASHED...NOT renovated !!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (12.11.18)
3. Jesus is a myth who never existed.
NYNY   (12.11.18)
4. Bethlehem Christians fabulously wealthy community
MillionaireChristins ,   Jerusalem   (12.12.18)
Every Christian tourist thst passes through Israel’s Ben Guruon Airpirt ends up in Bethlehem and drops a bucket of money there tens of millions of dollars avd Euros a chunk is given to the Moslem Palestinian “ leaders”
“ who were able to persuade the various Christian leaders to agree on the renovation “ ( no doubt at the end of a machine gun) If there is a center of anti Semitism in on this planet its center is in Bethlehem among all the Christian Churches there “Moslems stab us with their knives Christian Arabs stab us with their tongues” Most Christians in Bethlehem and elsewhere here are not Arab but decedents of Greek and Italian families from the Bzytantine period
And believe me every Arab Moslem will tell you that and also that one day like the Jew they too must go ...see on Google “ Anti Semitism among Middle Eastern Christians”
5. Jew-hate
PermReader   (12.12.18)
"bibliocal sity" of Bethlehem, haha. Funny, as the Church always chooses the pagan names of the ancient Israel, vs its Jewish names,haha.
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