IDF uncovers third cross-border Hezbollah tunnel
Yoav Zitun, Ahiya Raved
Published: 11.12.18, 15:33
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1. Putin summoned IDF to travel to Moscow like old USSR used to
Alan ,   SA   (12.11.18)
do to Poland Czechoslovakia etc to explain themselves.... why did Israel uncover tunnels now. What a cheek!! I wonder if Russia Chief of Military Shugoi is really running Russia and giving the orders to Kremlin?????
2. Are our discovery methods 100% fireproof? Do we get all?!
3. One tunnel is a test....
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.11.18)
Two tunnels are a dry run.


If I was the PM of Israel I would notify the UN that due to unprecedented underground infiltration by a belligerent army, Israel would be conducting immediate massive bombing attacks along the border. And that would be all the notice I would give.

Does anyone believe that if these tunnels were not discovered, a thousand Hezbollah Islamopaths wouldn't have popped up under the cover of night and started a mass slaughter?

Enough Bibi. Now is the time to put Hezbollah back in its cave.

Either bomb the border or fill the tunnels with natural gas and explode them all the way back to their origin. Whatever bursts into flame in Lebanon is a valid target. JUST DO IT.
4. If Netanyahu really wanted to give Hezbz "unimahinable blow"
ab   (12.11.18)
he wouldn't gave been warning them against this or that.
He*s is a buffoon ,a clown
JOSEPH DAVID MONTOYA ,   Sierra Vista AZ USA   (12.13.18)
Come to Bisbee AZ Trump Border Wall w/ hundreds of old mining tunnels way into Mexico, some with train tracks. Narco domain: $$$$$ Ft. Huachuca $$$$
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