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Hungary's Jews torn apart over Orban, infighting and missing money
Itamar Eichner
Published: 22.12.18, 15:21
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1. Troll time! 1-2-3 Blame Soros!
miki elior ,   jerusalem   (12.22.18)
2. Get the hell outa there you damn fools
Al   (12.22.18)
3. To white wash the holocaust.
steve ,   beer sheva   (12.22.18)
For petty sake the whole world whitewashes their part in the Holocaust . Why shouldn't Hungary as well?

1. Vichy France civilians and politician helped round up the did Austrians , Dutch and almost every other European power apart from Italians and Danes.
2. The US and the UK refused almost all entry to Jews trying to leave Austria and Germany - only the wealthy and famous got through.
3. The British RAF refused to bomb Auschwitz because they didn't want Hungarian Jews arriving in Palestine even though Churchill had ordered this.
4. The Pope refused to publicly condemn the killing of Jews in Poland already in 1939 when the Vatican knew this was happening
5. The Poles were still killing their Jews even after the war!
6. The Mufti of Jerusalem was not tried by the British in Palestine for collaboration even though he encouraged Muslims to join the SS.

The list just goes on and on. Wasn't this the reason for the creation of Israel - because the gentiles didn't care about the fate of Jews?.
4. chabad?
shloime ,   toronto   (12.23.18)
with all due respect, what’s chabad doing there? they have no history, as chabad, in hungary. and the hungarian jewish community has the organizations and records to document its own history.
5. Money Trouble?
Joseph Matheson ,   Pardes Hannah   (12.23.18)
Money mysteries? Cherchez Chabad.
6. left-wing corruption
shlomo_the_european ,   brussels   (12.23.18)
European jewish communities are overrun by leftwing "as a jews", whose main goal is to protect the benefits they receive from antisemites in power, in effect serving as a fig leaf. they are greedy bunch aiming to fill their pockets with restitution money, most of them aren't even jews.
chabad is there to offer those European jews who want jewish identity instead of a false leftwing one.
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