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At least 2 dead, 13 hurt at shooting in French Christmas market
Associated Press
Published: 12.12.18, 09:44
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1. Horrible, horrible. Life is Sacred.
3. Another known terrorist allowed to roam freely
And like in the west bank, Belgium, Germany, UK and other places, the Islamic community help and protect these terrorists.
Most UK Muslims wouldn't report a terrorist from their community when asked.

Scary times.
4. but damn Salvini for calling the enemy out loud.
5. Europe must get used to this.
steve ,   beer sheva   (12.12.18)
Europe must get used to massacres by Islamists especially during religious festivals. Things will only get worse as they multiply.

They got rid of the Jews and got the Muslims instead!

Maybe one day they might understand the problems of making 'peace' that Israel has with the Muslims. Maybe one day Europe will be less self-righteous.

But this is probably a delusion .
6. The “settlement” of Strasbourg will be free one day, just
like Balestine!!!!
7. As fake as Jesus who never existed.
Jesus ,   NYNY   (12.13.18)
8. A bad thing indeed BUT consider this: in the US events like
that take place on a regular basis, are just as unpredictable and claim more victims!
The difference is in the back-story, the motive/‘motif’.
It’s not the loss of life itself that gets our blood boiling (well yes it does:-), but the gall of the “other”/ Islam to claim RIGHT to murder infidels!
Interesting that despite the horrendous wounds& suffering Muslims have caused world over, it’s still ‘the Jew’ that’s most reviled!?
Ergo: we may as well start killing , maiming, raping, take hostages and blow things up: the Goyim/Gentiles won’t hate us THAT much more......?!
Or will they?
9. Anti-Zionist Global Terror, Israel's gift to the World, $4T
September 11 attacks ,   US support of Israel   (12.16.18)
10. Raid Algtard, Muslims have committed biggest genocide, 300 m
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.19.18)
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