Opinion  Smadar Perry
Israeli winds of change blowing through the Persian Gulf
Smadar Perry
Published: 14.12.18, 16:25
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1. persistence of Pal prob will impede any strategic progres
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (12.14.18)
2. They seek us because of our strength not our weakness
jore ,   la   (12.14.18)
courage is the only thing that will help us. 2000 years of fear and all we got was murder and rape by the "good" people of Europe any time they felt like it or needed money or someone to scapegoat. If you think you have it bad now, wait if crazy borders "come back".
3. gulf arabs will abandon the pals n the dust
4. Oy, you poor schmucks: remember Turkey? The elation? Do you
for a moment believe that Islam will forget its creed????
Do you think that they’ll become ‘real-politik’-wise???!!
How dumb can we, the People of the Book continue to be?
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