Security forces kill Palestinian associated with Ofra attack
Elior Levy, Yoav Zitun, Elisha Ben Kimon
Published: 12.12.18, 20:58
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1. Little consolation, but better than nothing.
2. Elior means Poopystinians
asaq   (12.12.18)
thank you journo-shmourno
3. The whole Barghouti clan should be thrown in Gaza.
Sam ,   Montreal   (12.12.18)
It's not enough to catch the perpetrators. These events are going to be repeated. Present deterrents are obviously not enough.
4. I wonder: how long will we buzz around, swatting mosquitoes
instead of draining the swamp?
You do realize, that as long as Islam has unhindered access to us (or 'the world' for that matter) we're all potential victims, dead men walking, waiting for the 'Uncontrollable Muslim Rage' to manifest itself?
If not today& here, then: tomorrow, over 'there'....
5. Hamas murdered a child not even born
C   (12.13.18)
these islamist terrorists are supported by the far left of europe and the us.
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