Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Stopping the wave of terror attacks, before the tsunami hits
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 13.12.18, 23:37
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1. Pals not frustrated-their bosses want ALL of Israel now!
Alan ,   SA   (12.14.18)
Even if economy of Pal areas were BETTER than Germany and China combined,it would not be enough for them.... They want River to Sea
2. Unbelievable
DSM ,   USA   (12.14.18)
Hamas attacks, kills and terrorizes Jews because their young people feel no hope so Israel must give them hope. WRONG. They attack, kill and terrorize because they do not want a Jewish state in the middle east and because they hate Jews. But don't worry Israeli's, Bibi will give a few tough speeches followed by no action and the IDF's lawyers will prosecute any soldiers who happen to kill these "young" attackers, killers and terrorists.
3. Nope, none of the above. We must enter Abu Adolf Mazen's
bedroom at night, wake him up and quietly outline his options/near future.
Then just as quietly we must leave the premises....
Same with the Gazan ghouls.
4. Do the exact opposite Ron suggest.BDS Arabs to leave Israel.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.14.18)
5. You dont feed an en enemy.. you destroy them
Al   (12.14.18)
Usual bs left garbage of enabling an enemy by feeding them coddling them etc etc etc.

You destroy an enemy. You vanquish them. You chase them out of your midst.
6. jews/convert jews from Europe/Ethopia etc. do not get it
Palestinian   (12.14.18)
Moderate Palestinians of Canaan/ Palestine will never let jews of Europe/Ethopia etc.. have any peace but once a Palestinian State established at the 1967 borders and East Jerusalem to be the capital of Free Palestine.

Then Moderate Palestinians will take care of Hamas, Jihad etc.

Then the real peace will be established ...
7. The only Palestinian Despair
KEN ,   BRANTFORD   (12.14.18)
is that there are any Jews left alive. Internalize that and the solution is clear. Destroy them before they destroy you.
8. there is only one solutionj
jack   (12.14.18)
There is only one way to stop this, "THEY ALL MUST GO" anything else is national suicide
9. Now is the time to quit with Leftist style babying of Pals
Sam ,   Montreal   (12.14.18)
Palestinian despair is due to their inability to destroy Israel not because of economics. Palestinians should be hammered with restrictions until they stop ALL terror. Then we can deal with their economics. Leftist style appeasement and babying of Palestinians encourages terror.
10. NO
I. Berkowitz ,   San diego   (12.14.18)
Simply make the entire population of the Westbank very uncomfortable with the five battalions that have been introduced into the theater. Hunt down and eliminate a murderer's in while doing so step on as many toes as possible. It's ridiculous the suggests that sweetening things for the population in Judea and Samaria will improve anything. That has been tried over and over, and things only become worse. They are aggressive people. They see hesitancy, and compromise as weakness, an advantage for them to exploit.
11. Chelmer Choohem Yishai with old melody:Bakheesh for pals
ab   (12.14.18)
12. End Israelii occupation, make peace, Buy bread not bullets
Ken   (12.14.18)
13. are you kidding me?
Yael Schlichting ,   Berlin   (12.14.18)
Their corrupt leaders are getting hundreds and hundreds of millions and they do nothing for their people and now Israel should come up with an economic initiative?
That's exactly what these career-terrorists want: They only take and never give.
If Israel shows courtesy, the next terror wave will come anyway, because the economic situation will not really improve, as long as terrorists have control over the PA.
Israel should come up with new restrictions, making lives much harder and clearly tell them why their lives are so hard.
There is a lot of latitude to improve safety and security, but it goes on the expense of these so called Palestinians.
14. eisencott-take off the gloves
moffire   (12.14.18)
stop with the political considerations. you know how to do it. bring in militry rabbis to inculcate history and the holocaust revenge ethos.soften areas up as much as possible. cut off areas and blitz them. get going and quit fooling around!
15. Thank you, France and EU
Ed ,   USA   (12.14.18)
Thank you France for giving a "human rights " award to B'Tzelem. Thank you EU for condemning the "occupation." Connect the dots.
16. Hollywood fake attacks to justify punishing Arabs.
Jesus Never Existed ,   NYNY   (12.14.18)
Please can anyone show to start even one piece of physical evidence of any of these recently reported "attacks"
17. you have been using the same medicin since 1967...in vain
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (12.14.18)
we have developed a huge immunity against repression
18. One must WANT to end anything, before one can even think of
ways to do it.
Once there's a will, the options are many.
Just choose one (or two)
At present, we lack a government willing to risk practically anything (except lives of our citizens)
19. deterrents and their worth
steve ,   beer sheva   (12.14.18)
Only effective deterrents will stop them.
Certainly long stays in Israeli prisons - three meals a day and daily Islamic seminars to become even more extreme, will not help.
Even the death penalty will be problematic if they believe that the virgins are waiting for them in paradise. So what would repel these virgins? Probably if a headless corpse arrived there instead. Or maybe no corpse at all because it has been incinerated .
There is no question that Islamists believe that the sexual pleasures are awaiting them if they kill Jews; so let them understand that only an empty void will be their fate. In the meantime they can demolish their houses as well!
20. Now is time to focus on "Palestinian" departure
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.14.18)
Israel won long ago. Evil fictional "Palestine" lost. Had "Palestinians" won, they would has mass murdered us all. Now is the time to end all our stupid, destructive games and focus on "Palestinian" departure from our land. The way to do this is simple. Firstly, end ALL mad Israeli support for our mortal "Palestinian" foes; not a watt of Israeli electricity, not a shekel of Israeli support etc. Secondly, get rid of the terrorist P.A. so "Palestinians" can sell land to Jews without worrying about being murdered.
21. Ron Ben-Yishai keep up the intilegent synopses. TY
DOV ,   USA   (12.15.18)
22. The 'Big Trek East' shall be epic& figure prominently in the
history of the fake 'Palestininas', still: they'll be able to tell their offspring about the time they've left foreign Land of Israel for the Promised Meadows of milk& humus in the Kingdom of Jordan.....
That day is coming sooner than we imagine.
23. No Can Do
joe ,   gush   (12.15.18)
"Stop" No can do, until the cause for these attacks is eliminated. "Reduce" maybe. The perpetrators are not hired guns but are highly motivated people who are willi9ng to die for the cause. It is irrelevant that they are misguided. Attacks apparently are confined to the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem. Why are there no attacks in the Nazareth area, the Galilee where there is a large Arab population? Is there better 'security in Tel Aviv or Ramle?
24. Arab terror can be stopped now
Bar Star ,   Jerusalem   (12.16.18)
Ben-Yishai’s solutions will not work because this terror is ideologically motivated.This is what we can do realistically. Judea and Samaria are a part and heartland of Eretz Yisrael. The southern Negev is not. It is empty. The population of several terrorist supporting towns such as Yatta and several Arab clanss such as Bagrouti can be relocated over there next to the Jordanian border. Expelling 100 thousand or as many as needed hostile Arabs. We will remind them of what is written in their “holy” book that Israel is the Land of Jews [Qur'an 17:104]. They are guests here. We will be fair and give them the compensation after their property is sold to Jews. Mahmud Abbas and other top terrorists in Fatah must be jailed or exiled to Gaza. Arabs in the State of Palestine will be given a chance of electing a new leadership. The process can be repeated if they elect terrorists again.
These steps will get us many condemnations from the UN and decades of peace with our Arab cousins many of whom are good people.
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