Israel mourns soldiers killed in West Bank shooting
Ilana Curiel
Published: 14.12.18, 14:33
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1. force bibi out of defense
ron   (12.14.18)
until bibi is replaced at defense, things will not change. idf cannot have a shapira condemned weakling running things. he talks big but he is full of it. he may be the worst defense minister in Israeli history and that includes peretz.
2. protest netanyahu
mickey   (12.14.18)
israelis should be protesting in greater numbers to boot bibi out of defense job. he is unfit for it. on his own,he has no idea on what to do.

the idf needs some revamping. you have to have better training so your graduates have top self defense skills and understand battlefield tactics. if soldiers are not up to it, transfer them to desk jobs and press officer roles. bibi is a press officer. he is not a fighter, and through all of his actions has a limited understanding of battlefield tactics. He shrinks from challenges and does as little as possible it is not in him.

A press officer. he is, a fighter he is not.

idf has to reevaluate its recruit.

and idf soldiers should not relax too much eating sandwiches, be on your guard and be ready.
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