IDF finds fourth Hezbollah attack tunnel on Israel-Lebanon border
Yoav Zitun
Published: 16.12.18, 10:40
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1. UNIFIL is there to distribute salaries and medals
Avi L.   (12.16.18)
and cover Hezballah's operations
2. 4 tunnels = Pearl Harbor
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.16.18)
What's it going to take to send a message to Lebanon's war-mongering leaders? Fill the tunnels with natural gas and ignite it. Anything burning on the surface in Lebanon is a legitimate target so bomb the daylights out of it.

Can you imagine if there are ten or twenty tunnels and Hezbollah's attack plans are still on? If Israel needs to clear a no-man's area on the Lebanese side of the border, then do it.

And what in hell has UNIFIL been doing? FOUR tunnels? Under their noses? They see nothing? They hear nothing? They know nothing? What? Their official duty is to supply shwarma to Hezbollah miners?

There is no way 4 tunnels, built with hard rock mining techniques, could NOT have been discovered, unless UNIFIL was looking the other way, on purpose.

Four tunnels into another country from a belligerent country is an act of war. In WWI, the Germans and British dug tunnels under enemy lines and planted huge amounts of explosives- and blew up each other's strongholds causing hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries.

Is this Hezbollah's plan? Dig some tunnels, plant huge bombs, and detonate it at their leisure?

The IDF had better do some real investigations around their bases and lookout towers.

It's really time the gloves came off, Mr. PM. Your country is being attacked. Are you waiting until an attack is successful?

With the recent upturn in random Arab attacks on Israelis to distract the the PM and the IDF, maybe a full-fledged attack is only days or weeks away.

In 1967, we didn't wait for the lunatics to get all their ducks in a row. We won.

In 1973, we waited, and the lunatics got all their ducks in a row, and we almost lost.

There is a lesson here: the longer you wait, the stronger the lunatics become and the more casualties you take. Mr. PM, you have a duty to protect your citizens and to protect the lives of the men and women serving in the IDF.

Take the fight to Hezbollah, do not let them pop up like daisies, by the hundreds or thousands, in your own back yard. Fill every tunnel with high pressure gas and explode it. The shock wave will show where the tunnel exist are in Lebanon and then you may bomb them into the stone age. Multiple tunnels may have the same starting point, so you might be getting multiple birds with one stone, as they say.

Just do it.
3. Scorched swath of Lebanon, 3-5 kilometers from our border!
4. UNIFIL can stop Tunnels, and Israel F-16s violating Lebanon
Bobby Zimmerman ,   Hibbing, MN USA   (12.16.18)
... airspace.

Give UNIFIL the tools they need, the Russian S-300/400.

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