As violence spirals, Netanyahu faces threat from right flank
Elisha Ben Kimon
Published: 16.12.18, 12:07
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1. Netanyahu afraid he can't handle military operations.
Sam ,   Montreal   (12.16.18)
So he avoids them. He passes on his uncertainty to IDF leaders who also become pacifists.
2. seaport katz and grovelling elkin
ian   (12.16.18)
bennett, shaked and others attacked bibi in meeing saying he cannot be defense minister. it is not so much that he doesn't want to launch an operation, he doesn't know what the hell to do. he is governed by fear of failure as if he drowning once again in the nile to be saved by comrads. his idea is be quiet, make nice with russia and all will be well. to this bs, katz and elkin endorse this shapira condemned gaza war report pm. bibi is very much like olmert. he is scared of casualties and is paralyzed into inaction period. he may say things, he will never deliver them. collapse the govt. bibi is an utter failure in security.
3. 1)Replace Bibi2)replace Arab occupiers with indigenous Zion!
4. Why would you 'bolster settlement' if you aren't ready to
declare Judea & Samaria as undisputed part of Land of Israel?
There's a reason why it's called 'Judea' you know...although it seems
to have escaped our leader's attention.
5. big deal
ray   (12.16.18)
bibi says he has taken firm action against terror-3 terrorists have been stopped, west bank reenforced with more troops and some promised regulation of homes. this is his prescription as a major operation against terror??!! the man is disconnected from security reality. he avoids a major operation like the plague, he has no idea of what it would like. he is also scared of a negative outcome. on top of this, he is jealous of bennett who is 10 x the soldier bibi ever was. incidentally, his overall commander ehud barak as pm did almost zilch to fight terror which is why his reign as pm was so short.

you can wrap it up all you want.. the bottom line is bibi is a coward, yellow to the bone. the only way to stop the cowardice is to get him out of defense and even out of pm office. he is unfit to do anything with security.

unless he gives way to bennett and that is his only chance, he will have tough times ahead. he is one of the worst defense ministers in the history of israel.
6. bennett-withdraw from the govt
jack   (12.16.18)
bennett- it is pointless to sit with bibi in the same cabinet while he destroys Israel's deterrence. withdraw from the govt. otherwise you will be seen as endorsing him. anyone with half a brain could see he is incompetent in dealing with terror and war period. there is no dispute. bibi is incompetent.
7. i am handling defense as i should
mick   (12.16.18)
this is what bibi says-he is handling defense as it should be handled. meanwhile israelis are being picked off like cherries. i could handle defense better than bibi. haniyeh mocks him for his white flag surrender.

worse for israel, he converted Lieberman during most of his term as a do nothing defense minister. and now he has converted the idf into let the citizens take the heat while the idf remaiins passive.

now you know why i believe muki betzer's account of entebbe. i don't belive a word that bibi utters. only when he is gone from defense does israel have a chance to reverse things. he is a damn disaster.

this is not how defense department should be run-you shmuck!!!
8. i acted swiftly and decisively
larry   (12.16.18)
netanyahu says he acts swiftly and deciisvely. he is full of sh*t.

just as useless olmert was booted out of office by pressure, bibi will soon enough be booted out. and he will likely be spending time in jail for the alleged legal scandals he is involved with.

he is on a par with peretz when it comes to his understanding of miiltary methods. israle would have lost in 67 and 73 if bibi were pm. he never would have hit osiraq or syrian reactor. what he is , is a bsartist good with words who wins by default against an even more hapless oslo crowd. otherwise he never would have been reelected.
9. Fear may be explained by Brick
Gerald Itzkowitz ,   Netanya   (12.16.18)
Just now there was extensive articles on Eitan APC. This combat vehicle was announced over a year ago and according to Globes the IDF and government still can't decide whether to mass produce them in Israel or US. One gets the feeling that the IDF fear is due to the fact that very few of the great new weapons invented have been mass produced or even if done so, that the reserve soldiers would be able to use properly.
These are the people who would need to be sent in to Lebanon.In the 2006 war many of the reserve forces did not know how to use the new weapons on the Tanks causing many tanks to be knocked out or disabled. Thus fear of using force.
10. Mr.
Yaakov ,   Beer Sheva   (12.17.18)
The whole political scheme is a big farce for the citizens. The country is run by white-collar criminals and it has been this way since Begin was P.M. Millions of citizens are hungry. Just go to any of the shuks and watch the hungry picking up fruit and vegetables that have fallen to the ground. And what is our illustrious government doing? The vote a raise for themselves. They allow the food prices to go up 30%. We really need leaders that put the citizens' need before their own greed.
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