When the Holocaust reached Africa
Tali Farkash
Published: 16.12.18, 22:10
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1. Better late than never
Steven Kaplan ,   Fayetteville   (12.17.18)
In the 1980s Michel Abitbol published a book on the Jews of Morocco under Vichy government in French, Hebrew, and English. Because it challenged some of the community's myths about the period, he was shouted down. Geula Cohen said he was not a serious historian! How about a story about that????
2. Rina Feldman FB
Had the article been about boxers who died or survived the Shoah, and they only mentioned Victor, yes, it would have been a "pity", as you put it. Read the article carefully, it is about Tunisian Jewry, and more generally, the North African experience with the Shoah. Krieger, if I am not mistaken was Eastern European. Why then is it a pity he was not mentioned? Surely you're capable of noting and differentiating this, yes?

In fact, your comment somewhat demonstrates an issue, the Tunisian Jewish experience has not quite received its due mention. Unless your one who believes it was uniquely Ashkenazi experience.

For the record, I'm half Tunisian Jewish and half Polish Jewish, the shoah affected both sides, but we should give due respect to the Tunisian experience as well.

I wish you a good day.
3. Get rid of your islamic cult north africans
Pancake rachel corri ,   Abu dhabi   (12.17.18)
We know what you did ...dont ally yourselves with these arabs any longer
4. Professor , Founding Director of the JR Elyachar Center at B
Maurice Roumani ,   Jerusalem   (12.30.18)
The above alleged quotation attributed to Prof. Saadon is incorrect. Already in 5/4/2002 Yediot America, covered the first conference on the Holocaust in North Africa organzied by Professor Maurice Roumani of the J.R. Elyachar Center for the Study of Sephardi Heritage at Ben Gurion University where also Prof Saadon was invtied. Professor Roumani published his book The Jews of Libya in 2007 that was later translated in Italian and last year in Hebrew . where the story of the suffering, persecution and concentration campsof Libyan Jews was fully documented under Fascist Italy. Libya,It is common knowledge that Libyan Jews and especially Jews of Benghazi and Cyrenaica suffered the most in North Africa during WWII. In Libya
Rommel and Montgomery faced each other and the consequence are hisoty. From there Jews were deported to Tunisia, Algeria, Italy and Bergen Belzen and to concentration camp in Libya itself where out of 2,500 Libyan Jews more than 560 found their death.
These facts have been known for few years in Israel and to some extent also in Italy.
Hope my comment will set the record straight.
With best wishes
Professor Maurice M. Roumani
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