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Iran hackers target US officials, nuclear experts
Associated Press
Published: 17.12.18, 21:41
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1. Don't underestimate 'primitive' nations like Iran.These days
even a 15 years old can wreck havoc with entire economies& multinational corporations.
Two teenagers took down the music industry (Napster), remember?
Iran must be made aware of consequences of it's bad behavior and I think there's only one way to make them stand up& pay attention and it is not a pretty proposition, but a necessary one nonetheless.
Many must die in order for multitudes to survive.
2. Genocidal terror Iran is a bad actor
C   (12.18.18)
it will pay a heavy price for its obstinance.
3. Someone believed it was "the end of history"
Avi L.   (12.19.18)
Someone believed it was "the end of history"? "Mission accomplished" on a navy ship anchored in the Bay?
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