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Already sky-high, Israel's cost of living set to shoot up in 2019
Gad Lior
Published: 18.12.18, 19:09
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1. Israel has natural gas for a hundred years off the coast.
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.18.18)
How is it even possible that electricity prices will rise? Electricity generated from the country's natural gas supply should keep prices very low.

If prices are rising, there's pockets being lined. These people need to be identified and jailed.

If Israel gave away the farm making gas-supply deals with the Arab states, then the government legislators who approved it must resign. The people of Israel must come first when it comes to the state's natural resources.
2. we live in the real world not an ideal world
zionist forever   (12.19.18)
The private companies like Osem are entitled to raise their prices anytime they like because the only people they answer to are shareholders and their obligation to them is to make maximum profit.
You either pay their prices or you don't buy their product because hurting them in the pocket is the only way you will make them consider lowing prices.

As for the water & electricity increases, the reason is because of vital investment which has to be paid for somehow.
Sadly in the real world living cost increases are inevitable, what matters is how often the prices go up, if its every 1-2 years its an issue of concern but if its a reasonable timescale then you just have to accept prices are going up.
3. Surprise? Nope!
Yaakov ,   Beer Sheva   (12.19.18)
It should be no surprise that water and electric charges will go up again. We have a government that does not keep the citizens on top of the list. One must remember the P.M.'s desire for his own airplane. People walk the street hungry and cold. How ministers will get almost NIS 5,000 raise, bringing them to the same salary as the opposition leader – NIS 44,223 per month. Deputy Ministers will get a pay increase of about NIS 3,000, bringing them up to par with MKs, who will make a monthly salary of NIS 39,149 in 2018. The prime minister will earn the same as the Knesset speaker, NIS 49,554.
How would you like to get NIS 40,000 every month?
4. Yellow rain coats for the new year?
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