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Israeli spacecraft ready for 2019 moon launch
Published: 18.12.18, 07:09
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1. Who exactly does pay for all these useless programs?
d   (12.18.18)
Complete and insolent waste of taxpayers new shekels! Why not to lower custom duties instead? And taxes? And excises? Why not?
2. you forgot India
bob ,   chennai   (12.18.18)
What about India. They sent a probe to moon in Oct 2008. Called "Chandrayan"
3. hope another incident will tear it to smithereens
Gabi Sharon ,   Yarka, Israel   (12.18.18)
4. d
a ,   c   (12.18.18)
Too late. Their mortal enemies, the moslems, already sent a camel there, ready to kick Israel's probe as soon as it lands.
5. Pigs in space
F   (12.18.18)
6. Not good
DN1 ,   Paris   (12.18.18)
The Americans always said their space program was non military and now they are taking war into space. Just imagine how bad it would be to have Yanks and Israel up there above our heads. So there is no shame in hoping for this mission to fail
7. All moon landings totally fake, like this will be.
Jesus ,   NYNY   (12.20.18)
8. Let's make seder, nobody ever went to the moon.
Jesus ,   NYNY   (12.21.18)
And nobody ever will go to the moon or mars or even leave earth's lower orbit.
9. ‘time capsule’-evidence the moon is Israeli,not Palestinian.
Ken   (12.22.18)
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