Why is the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah condoning terror?
Elior Levy
Published: 22.12.18, 00:06
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1. Some articles are not worth of reacting!
tiki ,   belgium   (12.22.18)
Some journalists are not worth discussing with

It's Israel's fault. Period!
The Jews have done it. Period!
2. Thank Bibi's easy PR stunts
Avi L.   (12.22.18)
Because Bibi hagadol, the macho man, choose a moronic reality star (Donald) under KGB influence over a staunch friend of Israel (Hillary)

Because Bibi "the guy who knows" didn't have the *** to finish Hamas and ended up paying for quiet, the way he paid Turkey for quiet, so the "P.A" wants its money too, the only way Bibi is ready to pay. Through extortion

Bibi is bringing Israel to the brink of a situation never seen since 1973

Then it was the hybris born by the 1967 victory, now it is created by Bibi believing his own PR "reality show"

Donald is revealing himself for what he is, a delusional serial business failure under russian influence, at the very least

Putin is doing his own business consisting of opportunistic predation

Khomeinists are bend on calling back some prophet of their own by destroying Israel and exterminating Jews

Europe is disintegrating under the guidance of yellow bellied self serving bureaucrats

The arab/muslim world will join the anti Israel war as soon as they will see a weakening of Israel

This is the situation Bibi, clinging to his throne, brought Israel to.

Destroy Hamas

If needed eliminate Assad

3. Cringing nature o Sabras transformed into Ghetto Jews,Elior
ab   (12.22.18)
best example of it ..Yep,Jews are guilty of terror ,adolf wouldnt said it better
4. Geronimo... Natives aren't Terrorists, but Freedom Fighters
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (12.22.18)
Invading Jews like to use the word Terrorist to brainwash themselves into thinking that they are the good guys, in a similar way that the Cowboys called the Indians Savages.

Manifest Destiny succeeded because Europeans could overcome the Natives through Disease, Warfare, Genocide, and the Europeans eventually outnumbered the Natives in North America.

Zionism cannot succeed in the same way because they are outnumbered 100 to 1 by the Muslims, and no amount of Ethnic Cleansing and Land Theft will change that.

5. Condoning terror
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (12.22.18)
Why is a certain Arab leadership in Ramallah condoning terror? Because they worship the criminal fake-religion "islam". And because they hate the Jewish and Israƫli people and the rest of the free, human and democratic/democratised world more than they love their children. Just as the rest of the barbaric "islam" world-caliphate. DOWN WITH "islam", the "islam world-caliphate AND THE REST OF CRIME. FOR SECURITY AND PEACE.
6. terror leaders condone terror what a surprise!!!!
7. Israelis are Natives, and are protecting their existance
lal Ram ,   Wolverhampton,UK   (12.26.18)
The Land of Israel was given by the Almighty God to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as an eternal inheritance, there has always been an Israel presence in the Holy Land, The Arabs has always been illegal occupants, these includes Romans, The British, and others. Blessed be the God of our forefathers, the Divine has special plan for Israel, so long as they remain faithful to him.
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