Poll shows Hamas leader would win Palestinian elections
Associated Press
Published: 18.12.18, 20:22
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1. Hamas in Knesset to form next Government in Palestine Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (12.18.18)
12.37 million Palestinian voters can't be wrong.

2. A bucketful of blood worms would win over Abbas.
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.18.18)
But having Haniyeh as leader would mean more of the same and probably worse. Haniyeh isn't smart enough to lead the people to peace, only fighting and misery. But what does he really care? He's made himself into a multimillionaire on the back of the 'resistance.' And the idiots of Gaza believe in him. Is it even worth the effort to have peace talks with such an ignoramus?

Just make the border fence/wall stronger and keep them out. Let Egypt take care of them- after all they're all Arabs.
3. So Haniyeh is the peace partner.
Sam ,   Montreal   (12.18.18)
No point wasting time and concessions on Abbas, Erekat and the PA.
4. hamas victorious
steve ,   beer sheva   (12.18.18)
That Hamas will win on the West Bank is hardly surprising. The UN has failed to condemn their outrages in Gaza so encouraging them further.

In fact this decision really highlights the moral bankruptcy of this organisation that promotes conflict rather than peace and it should now be disbanded. Of course the corrupt and sleazy UN officials will lose their cash cow and will have to return to their mostly decrepit and corrupt countries from whence they came.

Hamas want to destroy Israel but they will destroy the Arabs that live on the West Bank instead or as well. There can be no compromise with those that want your destruction. Do the Arab Rambos that want Hamas really understand this? It would be a fight to the death . Are they willing to die? Or is it stabbing and shooting young girls and pregnant women more their forte?

Unfortunately our Messianic Jews are also partly responsible so it seems in the end both extremist parties will lead the ME to Armageddon. Well that will at least please the New Born Christians when they quote from the Bible.
5. Sammy (UK) There is your answer. Gazans want Hamas to lead
Alan ,   SA   (12.19.18)
They will vote overwhelmingly for Hamas Terrorists
6. Not a good situation.....
DSM ,   USA   (12.18.18)
when you have leaders on one side ready to kill every Jew and the Jewish leader like to give stern speeches.
7. Hamas: Death and Destruction
Ed ,   USA   (12.19.18)
Considering that Hamas has brought death and destruction to Gaza, along with poverty and oppression, one has to wonder what these people are thinking. Most German knew better than to vote for Hitler after WWII. Why do Palestinians show so little interest in their own well-being?
8. Handed Hamas a Victory
Lee ,   LA   (12.19.18)
The courts handed Hamas a military victory. The refusal to kill off the kite flyers or hit meaningful targets allowed for rockets with minimal retribution. The casualties at the border are surplus population so hamas welcomes the casualties. The failure to deport terrorists and their families and blow houses completely and timely made hamas ever so popular.
9. & assorted Israeli politicos would line up to kiss his hand!
10. The EU shoujld mind its own business
ross   (12.19.18)
the eu should concern itself with their member countries difficulties wiht immigration. in the meantime, mind your bloody business and keep out of Israel's business. you have nothing, zero to teach Israel.

as for European Jews, in the meantime, men and women get gun training.
11. Thank Bibi also for this
Avi L.   (12.19.18)
Bibi lack of whatever needed to face and destroy Hamas, while enjoying kicking Abbas in the face, gave to the "falastinians" and to the middle east at large the message that Hamas has the strength to face Israel while "P.A" hasn't and that he is an ineffective leader.

Abbas is going to die soon and Hamas will take over Judea and Samaria, opening a third front and shooting whatever can fly from Kalkilya, even inertlamposts, will end up hitting something and killing Israel Citizens

Hamas has to be ended the sooner the better, which means before Abbas death.

Beyond eliminating a threat it will send a loud and clear message to everybody ... RESPECT!

Some intellectually advanced commentators will say that Hamas, Hizballah , I.J and other dogs don't constitute an existential threat ... maybe not one by one but all together they could initiate a something where who knows who could be tempted to make aggressive moves thinking that Israel's hands are already full

Better a small and understandable pain now and once rather a blood bath that could have been avoided.

Olmert and Bibi have shown to Hamas that they didn't have it to go the full distance to end once for all Hamas, it's time for Israel to end it

Someone has to show the region that "Hamas" is not the solution
12. "Palestinians" prefer honest genocidists
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.20.18)
Hamas wins over Fatah because "Palestinians" prefer honest genocidists over lying ones. You've got to give "Palestinians" credit for one thing. They make no attempt to hide their genocidal intentions towards Jews and Israel. Most of them are honest in that way.
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