EU, Russia to Trump: 2-state solution only viable Israeli-Palestinian peace plan
Published: 19.12.18, 10:19
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1. 'The EU is truly convinced'
tiki ,   belgium   (12.19.18)
As Europe is disintegrating completely, troubles wherever you look, they better keep their warnings well hidden.

The 2-state 'solution' is as dead as the Iran 'deal' and neither America nor Israel need their advise.

Jew hating Europeans see their carefully orchestrated plans to wipe the Jews from the planet being hampered by a strong willed US president who sees some things more clear.

2. WHAT 2 state solution DO THEY MEAN?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (12.19.18)
Do they KNOW? Have they ANY CLUE?

So lets REPEAT the mantra...

1.Does their 2 State solution exclude Gaza?
2.Does their 2 State Solution mean a Palestine in two halves connected by a ‘motorway’ through Israel?

Any of them workable?

What we want is CLEAR
ONE UNIFIED CONTIGUOUS and SOVEREIGN Palestine alongside Israel within mutually secure borders

Possible - acheivable?
Look no further than the 1999 PEG Plan
3. "Netanyahu was elected to manage an ongoing war",
so says Porky the self proclaimed Middle East expert who has never been to Israel ("I read it in Ma'an and Al-Jezerha...*oink*), whilst parked in front of his computer and downing another box of donuts.
4. EU and Russia solution has been tried and failed.Let US try.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.19.18)
5. Israel needs to learn from China how to handle enemies
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.19.18)
Israel could end the whole sick problem of "Palestinians" simply by treating them as a normal victor treats their vanquished foes. No more coddling "Palestinians". No more madly supplying them with Israeli food, money, electricity, work permits etc. No more begging them for "peace talks". Just claim our land and foster their departure.

Israel needs to learn from China how to handle our enemies. China is putting millions of Muslims into re-education camps, forcing them to eat pork, drink wine and abandon their faith. Nobody says anything about it because China is powerful and China doesn't give a damn about critics. Israel doesn't need camps for "Palestinians", but we do need them out of our land.

The way to become a big, mighty nation is to maximize your land mass, offer homesteading land to desirable immigrants (like America in the early days), foster large families and stomp your foes into the ground. Israel desperately needs to learn this lesson from China and other mighty states.
6. Deal?
BB ,   Jerusalem   (12.19.18)
Deal of the century!
...and it's only 2018!
7. That is the partition deal of LAST century
Eli ,   Tel Aviv   (12.19.18)
It does not work. Israel accepted the partition, even surrendered the Sinai and Gaza, and the "Palestinians" never did and never will.The only way to enforce peace is to win this WAR.
8. Pals demand 2 state solution +reject Jewish majority state
Sam ,   Montreal   (12.19.18)
So what 2 state solution do the Palestinians and EU want? Are there any diplomats with a brain out there?
9. EU wanted Gaza pullout. Do they stop the rockets.?.
Eden   (12.19.18)
10. False Peace
The Bride   (12.19.18)
There will be peace, but only a shortlived false-peace during the first half of Daniel’s 70th Week. Read Revelation to see how this dispensation ends & God’s Word is fulfilled. Maranatha! ❤️✝️❤️
11. Israel will not accept dictates from the Europeans
C   (12.20.18)
europe is the graveyard of many millions of jews.
jews are being murdered and harassed in europe even today.

europe is terrified of its own muslim populations.
europe wants to appease its won muslim populations by throwing
israel to the wolves.
israel is the jewish state that has a jewish army, jewish weapons,
jewish intelligence agencies.
we saw what europe did while assad murdered half a million of his
own people.
the same is true for russia, allied with genocidal shia iran.
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