Israel at UN: Tunnels info we gave UNIFIL ended up in Hezbollah hands
Published: 19.12.18, 17:28
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1. Laughable
GHook93 ,   Chicago   (12.19.18)
This is why I can't stand George H Bush. We should have allowed Sadam to kill every last Kuwaiti! Kuwait comes up with the most backward logic in support of these obvious violation of the UN resolution tunnels, but then turns around and accuses Israel of violating the UN resolution, but doesn't say how.

The UN is a toothless organization. It does nothing and never has!
2. What Israel does doesn't violate Resolution 1701 because
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.19.18)
such actions are not included in the Resolution
3. Lebanon invaded nascent Israel first in 1948 and got beaten
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.19.18)
4. Change the name from UN to United Tea House. They do nothing
Eden   (12.19.18)
5. Why surprise. Next Unifiul will be serving tea to Hezbolla
Eden   (12.19.18)
6. Kuwait- such a sh-tty little country.
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.19.18)
We should have let Saddam have his way with Kuwait. I wonder if Kuwait would have considered tunnels from Iraq a 'severe violation' of Kuwait's sovereignty?

If Iraq,Iran, or the Saudis attack Kuwait in the future, the USA sure as hell will NOT be coming to save their sorry asses.
7. Do I have to hear about it? What's all this to me? UN's dead
8. How to destroy tunnels..
Hans Flat√ły ,   oslo   (12.19.18)
Why not fill each tunnel with explosive gas....then hezbolla will have important questions to answer, if local Lebanon houses are blown to Hell..I guess the support for the terrorists will sink drastically..
9. Israel will never learn
C   (12.19.18)
stop giving secret information to enemies.
lebanon is an enemy state ruled by genocidal iran and its terror proxy hezbollah.
10. UN
JT ,   chicago   (12.20.18)
The UN is another one of those good ideas in theory that has gone bad in practice-waiting for the UN to condemn an Arab group for attacking Israel.
11. We've been warned about U.N. Just like the Nazis!
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.21.18)
How can anyone be surprised that the evil U.N. collaborated, yet again, with Israel's genocidal foes? The U.N. has been attacking Israel for decades. Just like "Palestinians". Why is it so hard for Israel's leaders to treat mortal foes like mortal foes? The U.N. is a Jew hating, socialist abomination that wants to rule the world. Just like the Nazis!
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