Israel says will study US pullout from Syria, ensure its own security
Published: 19.12.18, 19:44
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1. Syria, Russia, the United States, US and Israel
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (12.19.18)
This time the US government and Congress made a good move. Of course the US troops first have a national, domestic and internal task/job, to defend, to serve and to protect the United States American people, within American territory, in this case the United States first and to care for a great U.S. Same goes more or less for any country and people(s). Let the U.S. and any other country of the free, human and democratic/democratised world beware of the "islam" world-caliphate, because the "islam" following wants to realise an "islam" dictatorship and tyranny on our entire planet.
2. what is there to study? it's a disaster for the Kurds, bad
Rafi ,   US   (12.19.18)
for Israel, Jordan, Saudia, and Egypt...

and a great gift to Russia, Erdogan, & Iran.

Your boy Trump is losing it by the day....
3. make sure to maintain Israel's security and protect ourselve
Avi L.   (12.19.18)
Right, take out the chinless former walking dead guy on the right of the picture
4. Trump gifts Syria to enemies of the United States
C   (12.19.18)
iran, russia, turkey, hezbollah, lebanon, are all enemies of the united states.

allies like the kurds and israel and some sunni sttates are allies.

us allies are all being betrayed.

most importantly, genocidal iran is beeing tremendously boosted and
given the chance to increase its hegemony in the region.
the chances of very serious war between israel and the shia axis,
with help from russia, have much increased.
very disappointed in trump.
the lesson to be learned is that the jewish state can never rely on any
foreign power, even remotely.
5. Trump probably wants the "World" to grow up& take
responsibility for own life!?
Smart and necessary move.
The Donald "gets it"- the rest of pundits: not so much.
6. What a mess.
Tasteless ,   Catania, IT   (12.20.18)
7. "Neither the White House staff or the Pentagon
know anything about the change in policy."
But Porky Sherry, self proclaimed political ANAList, knows everything. Seems he's got his head shoved up other derrieres beside his own.
8. bibi cannot handle hezbollah and iran as defense minister
ron   (12.20.18)
bibi continues to talk big about Israel protecting itself in the wake of trump pulling out in return for Turkish and Russian considerations.based on his conduct of Gaza wars and his own military service he cannot handle a big war. in my judgement and i agree with Lieberman, bibi cannot handle suitcases. he is like olmert frightened by them.. he would seek a ceasefire to Israel's disadvantage.

hand the keys over to Bennett before you are finished. you are not a fighting soldier, no way, now. Israel will lose the Galilee if you continue at defense.

as for livni and lapid, they are weak cowards who cry to the US and EU. In addition, they are both dumb.
9. Holocaust 2 in cards
Me ,   Bobby Z   (12.21.18)
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