Netanyahu: Israel will step up fight against Iran in Syria after US exit
Published: 20.12.18, 13:52
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1. MR NETANYAHU..STFU..Stop the impress
Al   (12.20.18)
No one..

Its time for you to go...

You have overstayed your welcome.

Leave with some dignity.

If not you will leave behind a legacy of nothingness.

Get ready to sit in jail for you will end up in one.

Leave for the sake of Israel.
2. Trump makes Obama look like SUPERMAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (12.20.18)
Impeach the imposter "president" immediately, if not sooner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. A new Reality in Syria
joe ,   gush   (12.20.18)
"Netanyahu: Israel will step up fight against Iran in Syria after US exit" Since September, Russia has forbidden Israel to engage in airstrikes against Iran. Russia intends to make Syria a satellite state of Moscow, and there isn't much anyone can do about it.
4. Mr PM. Please stop tough talk. It makes u appear silly
Eden   (12.20.18)
5. IS never exist
Jesus ,   NYNY   (12.20.18)
6. Allies?
Gerald Itzkowitz ,   netanya   (12.20.18)
It's in bad taste to call US and Turkey NATO allies. It is doubtful that Erdogan who is an Islamist thinks so. For example, does this mean that when Turkey joins Iran in a war against Israel that the US will join in against Israel because Turkey is a so called allie?
7. katz is a shmuck
ed   (12.20.18)
why would katz permit chinese takeover a sensitive Haifa port. to put it in foreign hands-are you nuts?? this is the same katz who wants to build a seaport for gaza to help them in their smuggling operations. he shoud be booted out cabinet he is so bloody dumb!
8. Step up to defend...
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (12.20.18)
Of course when for example Syria and Iran are a danger for Israel and the rest of the free world, Israel and any other country of the free world have the fullest right to protect their people(s), inside the territory and if needed world-wide, on our planet, with or without the/this present, entire United Nations Organization. In principal security and peace for anybody.
9. stop saying with full support of usa
mark   (12.20.18)
Israel should do what it has to do. stop being tethered to trump who cares about $ and nothing else.just do what you have to do and shut up about the usa.

if you feel insecure, hand the defense to Bennett. Israel has not had a take charge defense minister since Sharon's days. enough of this defensive pacifism which weighs down the Israeli people. feiglin may be the answer. to vote for livni lapid and gabbay is suicide and false hope of big usa or russian saving poor Israel. they will not.

Jews have the power, the army, the weapons, the resupply to go on the attack. what they lack since Sharon, is a leader with guts. olmert and bibi lack guts period.
Rafi ,   US   (12.20.18)
where are all the right-wing Jewish defenders of a-hole Trump?

their silence is deafening

meanwhile, Bibi's strategy is revealed to be a colossal failure.
11. bibi says usa supports israeli action on iran in syria
harold   (12.21.18)
since trump is leaving syria, who needs to say Trump supports Israeli policy.what good does that do on the ground. bibi does anything to ignore the fact that Israel has to fight alone and get ready for it. the man lacks courage, is very weak and should not be handling defense. he cannot handle a Stalingrad fight to the finish. give Bennett the keys to defense before Israel loses the Galilee.
12. Putin welcomed the US decision on Thursday
lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (12.21.18)
The "Chutspah" of that Russian crook beggars belief.
13. stop sharing info with russia
robert   (12.21.18)
latest Israeli anti tunnel operations are shown to a Russian delegation. this is fed right back to iran and hezbollah. bibi is so weak that he shows russia its latest techniques to try to ccurry favor. it doesn't work. russia is in bed with iran against israel.

bbi does this over and over again. stop sharing sens info with russia.

netanyahu is a very weak man, very weak.he cannot handle hezbollah. he will run for the hills in case of larger war. he shrinks from battle over and over again as demonstrated by his conduct of the gaza wars.

give the keys to bennett. otherwise you will be booted out when your indictments take effect. and 100% you will be indicted with possible jail timee.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (12.24.18)
About everything. US leaving is nto neccesserly bad for Israel. That means Russia has to stretch itself more to protect his beloved mullahs, Hezzis and Assad. US took care of lots of ISIS, but left some there for the mullahs to be busy with. Now, it is time to hit the mullahs at home so they can’t give enough support to their mullah fighters in Syria. Don’t forget that the big mouth Turk now needs to put out large forces to run after the Kurds. He talks a lot, but he is going to have to fight Assad at some point. Trump is putting them on spot here. It is n unusual method, but could work.
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