UN declines to condemn Hezbollah's terror tunnels
Itamar Eichner
Published: 20.12.18, 15:55
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1. nothing new at the Useless Nations.
2. Failure to Condemn=Endorsement
Ed ,   USA   (12.20.18)
There could hardly be a clearer violation of international law than tunneling into another country. Once again the UN, along with the EU, does all it can to continue the conflict in the Middle East. Reasonable people need to understand that by defending Hizbollah, the UN (and the EU) have become the cause of the conflict.
3. Lost an opportunity
Sun Tze ,   Etingen   (12.20.18)
US and Israel should submit to a vote and oblige Russia veto it.
This is a way to leave traces of Russian behavior.
Historians will always tracks this events and know who is who.
4. Let's infiltrate the UN building via the service conduits...
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.20.18)
and see how UN officials like having strangers, with probable harmful intent, in their basement. I think we'd hear them screaming bloody murder. But for the UN, people with harmful intent digging into Israel presents no problem at all.

Trump should kick the UN out of the US, it serves no real purpose anymore.
5. boaz erickson
Stan ,   Israel   (12.20.18)
What do you want of the UN when (I quote the last sentence in the article)
"Israel and the US did not submit a draft resolution ....... fearing Russia would veto it"
Do not expect the UN to condemn Hezbollah tunnels ,and you will not be disappointed.
7. Crybaby Jews whine constantly that the Natives fight back
Not Steve Benassi ,   Not from Minnesota   (12.20.18)
... when the Jews steal their land, fly over their territory, bomb their neighbors, and shoot unarmed children in the back of the head.
8. Pull UN's funding. What a joke.
American ,   America del Sur   (12.20.18)
9. Of course
Avi L.   (12.21.18)
Whoever believed for a second the UN would condemn allah's party for the tunnel is a deluded person believing that "special friend" Putin and Donald are on Israel side.

Have a look at comment "UN resolution, really?",7340,L-5428403,00.html

Let's get real and recognize that Bibi ended up believing his own PR and bet the House of Israel on a notorious moron and a KGB snake

Bibi is not good for the Jews
10. It's time to dismantle the UN.
steve ,   beer sheva   (12.21.18)
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