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Israel's underground world of conversion therapy
May Kaduri
Published: 29.12.18, 23:50
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1. No need to convert
Alpha male   (12.30.18)
Love yourself for what you are. Just don’t scream I am from the roof tops. What you do in your bedroom is your business. I don’t go around parading that I like to screw women
2. Make love .. Make peace
Palestinian   (12.30.18)
Wow I have never laughed that much while reading such a fantastic article, I almost reached an orgasm due to laud laughter.
3. Progressive propaganda
David ,   New york   (12.30.18)
"Gay" as an identity was a creation of the progressive left.
Homosexuality was no more an identity than "adulatory" or "alcoholic"
The large majority of male homosexuals were actually promiscuous with women too. Despite propaganda that homosexuality is genetic, in fact genetic studies have not supported that (alcoholism is highly genetic though)

I get it:
Break people up into thousands of "oppressed" identity groups, and then you can get political power from making them angry.
But really, the progressive left is destroying people's lives in the process
4. So you can change your gender but not your orientation??
Gimmie a Break ,   Jlem   (12.30.18)
5. I tried to change...
Eric ,   Toronto   (12.30.18)
...through various "professional" organizations
and it almost destroyed my life.
Homosexuality is innate. You are born with it.
It can not change. I learned it the hard way.
Don't do the same mistake. Accept who you are.
6. It's not bloody rocket science: it's basic science and said
science should by now, have a clear cut, straightforward explanation and picture of this condition called homosexuality.
It occurs in nature all around us.
Nobody can claim that animals have been "led astray" by "immoral" behaviour/example!?
Or can you, Purveyors of Darkness, Men In Black ?!
7. Actually: there are things much more astounding in their
stupidity than “curing” homosexuality.
Sticking to a Peace Process despite all signs pointing to the futility& dangers is one such instance.
Besides, do not expect anything approaching open mind when it comes to religious dogmas. (That’s why they’re called ‘dogmas:-))
8. Not all cures for medical or mental problems found.
Sam ,   Montreal   (12.30.18)
Calling homosexuality normal precludes researchers from studying the issue more. There is nothing normal about people of the same sex having sex. That's more leftist BS.
9. Unethical and homosexuality
Steve ,   Palm Beach   (12.30.18)
Although there seems to be a higher concentration of homosexuality among Jews, Ynet seems unusually obsessed with the subject.
10. Everybody has his own pattern of Addictive behavior
Bar Star ,   Jerusalem   (12.30.18)
that he/she must overcome. It can be smoking, gambling, drugs, homosexuality, drinking, womanizing, etc., etc. The purpose of life is establishing a relationship with Hashem through prayer, good deeds, study and overcoming animal desires. we are commanded to be holy. It is not easy and sometimes we fail. On Yom Kippur we ask Hashem for forgiveness and giving us another chance. We are spiritual being living in animal body. Our sages teach that a righteous man talks to his body while evil man let his body talk to him.
11. Homosexuality is just as curable as being black or Caucasian
12. Start-up nation
where pseudoscience, such as graphology and conversion therapy gets support from the state. Graphology is even applied in jób applications for the government. Israel’s strength should be in science, not pseudoscience. You cannot send a military satelite into space, when you think that the esrth is flat.
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