Bethlehem boasts its largest Christmas in years
Associated Press
Published: 25.12.18, 21:06
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1. Christmas in Bethlehem
tiki ,   belgium   (12.26.18)
It's heartening to see that over a billion people celebrate the birth of a Jewish baby.

Now that Christmas is over, tourists & camera's gone...things can get back to normal and the few remaining Christians can be pushed out of 'palestine'.
2. THIS is the point:
Pamela Levene ,   Zichron Ya'akov   (12.23.19)
"The Christmas festivities traditionally bring a boost of holiday cheer to Christians in the Holy Land, whose numbers have shrunk over the decades relative to the general population and now make up just a minority."

Let tourists in to be fleeced at the tacky souvenir shops that abound? Absolutely. Pretend to the world that Christians are welcome and their religion respected? Certainly. Persecute the local Christian Arab community? Shhhhh ...
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