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Where did all the Jews from the Arab world go?
Yaniv Pohoryles
Published: 04.01.19, 20:11
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1. To Israel's credit
Me   (01.04.19)
No one threw Jews from Morocco. The ones who emmigrated to Israel did it for ideological reasons.
My father from the pharmaceutical industry in Casablanca was integrated into the Kupat Holim health system in Israel after a short board exam and worked in his profession until retirement.
He was loved, respected and admired by all his Ashkenazi collegues, who were always guests in our house.

2. the jewish nahkba
boniface ,   abuja   (01.05.19)
Great write up; one hardly get this type of fact on anti Israel propaganda net work like. Aljazira,BBC and CNN.I sugest this should be broadcasted on those channels if need be sponsors should be found for this purposed....chaim yisra
3. An excellent note full of history.
claudio   (01.04.19)
Thank's Ynet…!!!
4. So we had about a million Jewish refugees from Arab lands.
steve ,   beer sheva   (01.04.19)
Funny how no one ever talked about them.
5. Mrs
Susan ,   London   (01.05.19)
No one mention that the actual Chief of Staff is Moroccan and his name is Gary Azenkot and not Einsencot And many more like him but the establishment hide all this .for more information read great books « The Jo Golan Affair” it’s an eye opener
6. program committee of engiish-speaking group of Na'amat women
leah stoller ,   Jerusalem   (01.05.19)
Weare looking for someone from one of the Arab Jewish communities,whose family experienced this exodus personally,to speak to our group. The language must be English. Thank you.
7. Many Iraqi Jews faced discrimination in the hands of...
IranMan   (01.07.19)
European Zionists and fled to the US or Europe instead of staying in Israel and suffer discrimination and bigotry aimed towards the ME Jews.
8. the middle east
Dylan R ,   Chicago,US   (01.14.19)
Jews fled to israel and different countries because they weren't accepted. Israel accept all types of people. Arabs, Jews, muslims, christians, etc. They have no problem including everyone in their country. The rest of the middle east only accepts their kind. Tells you the difference between jews and arabs.
9. Stupid question: Where did all the jews .....
doug ,   Ft Lauderdale   (01.18.19)
We know where they went, Everywhere else that could or would take them in. They were thrown our or they ran away out of safety and or fear of death. Who are we kidding? The ARABS were no better than Hitler Stalin and others. Stop the stupid questions and say it like it is.
10. Farhud: Iraqi pogrom of 1941
Erik ,   Haifa   (01.27.19)
My father arrived in British Palestine in 1941 after mostly walking from Baghdad.

So I guess that also makes him a Palestinian Jew.
11. Igbo jews
chyecouch ,   U.S   (02.01.19)
What about the Igbo Jews? The Igbos are proud jews.
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