Knesset green lights cannabis export, pending government approval
Published: 27.12.18, 11:45
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1. Marijuana damages brain circulation and the pre-frontal lobe
Rivkah   (12.27.18)
of the brain causing psychosis if used under the age of 27 years before the brain is fully developed according to Mississippi Neurologist Dr. Russell Blaylock's medical newsletter. It is 100x more toxic than nicotine. Marijuana/cannabis is also hallucinogenic except in the rectal suppository form. Unrepentant sorcerers go to hell. What is a sorcerer? It is someone who uses or provides to others, hallucinogenic drugs. The export of any form of cannabis other than the rectal suppository dosage form will send all involved to hell, not just the users but the providers and that means the Israeli Knesset members and PM who voted for this measure as well as doctors, PA's, NP's, and pharmacists involved in the distribution of a hallucinogenic drug that distresses the Ruach haKodesh so that it leaves a person. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT? SATAN IS CHEERING. He wants as many people as he can take to hell with him which is eternal separation from the heavenly Father. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?
2. Rabbi,settlers, most supportive of medical cannabis

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