Mother's ex-husband charged with rape, murder of young girl in Tel Aviv
Gilad Morag
Published: 27.12.18, 17:18
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1. This garbage should have never been allowed
Al   (12.27.18)
To enter never mind stay in the country.

Thanks to Mr Security and his piss poor government here is the result.

GET rid of this shit and saveguatd the country.
2. Bad apple
Leeann Rosen ,   Tel-Aviv   (12.27.18)
This guy should be sentenced to a life long full of suffering and imprisonment.
3. This is why Trump's border fight is so important
GHook93 ,   Chicago   (01.11.19)
Legal immigrants work hard and usually love the country they come to. Regardless of the leftist propaganda, a large percentage of illegals commit violent and unspeakable crimes. In addition nearly all commit the very victim-based crime of identity theft. Believe it or not, but with BSA/AML regulations it is very hard to get a job under the table nowadays, so illegals need some type of SSN and papers. They resort to identity theft. Why do white liberal Americans not feel this pain? Because Miguel or Paco from South America mostly steal the identities of Latinos. Not too many John Smith's coming out of Mexico!
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