Benny Gantz registers new political party
Moran Azulay
Published: 27.12.18, 15:30
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1. Invading minority "Jewish State" will not stand in Palestine
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (12.27.18)
Its only a matter of time before Abusive Jews are expelled or killed.
2. Yet no one has any idea what Gantz stands for.Gantz neither.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.27.18)
3. All we are saying is give Gantz a Chantz.
Jesus ,   NYNY   (12.27.18)
4. Weak cos full of PC.. cant fight his way out of
Al   (12.27.18)
A paper bag.

A wind bag.

A gantz.

A turkey...go home enjoy your overstuffed pension and pretend among your friends.

You will make a terrible PM.

Show me one former military guy who was successfull as a PM?

5. Good Luck!
Masha Edmond ,   Netanya   (12.27.18)
I am very glad to hear this news. Benny Gantz has a very good reputation and his entrance to the Israeli politics will bring hope for a clean new government.
Hopefully his choice of team will match his own reputation. Good luck Benny!
6. he’s just what israel needs
shloime ,   toronto   (12.27.18)
another political party!
7. Culture of Egos Self Hate Revenge & Indifference
TheEndIsNear ,   Jerusalem   (12.27.18)
Will eventually bring the Zionist Project to destruction while the enemy is united and determined more than ever ..a nation of fools
8. take a look at gantz
mark   (12.27.18)
media has a history of goofs with hero generals in politics. ehud barak was a disaster, an absolute disaster as pm. ami ayalon was another disaster in politics. and on it goes. now we come to gantz-so what is his record.

in the Hezbollah war, his name is not mentioned to my recollection in advising the higher ups that halutz was totally wrong in his strategy.

next we come to the Gaza war. it took Bennett yelling at everyone scudding gantz and yaalon to hit the tunnels. they were in no rush to hit them. and even protested against Bennett going into the field. yaalon was damaged by the Gaza war. and so was gantz who was criticized by shapira in his report.

when it counts, gantz was nothing special. so ynet and jpost may be enamoured with him. i am not. gantz is no great genera to the rescue. it is another attempt to foist an inflated general onto the israeli public. you are desperate for a white knight. gantz is not.
9. It's our proud tradition: a new party each election time!:-)
10. Really smart people don't go into politics, crafty ones do.
11. There's so much more to life than manipulating other people,
why then oh, why oh Benny???!!!!!!!!!!!!
12. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (12.28.18)
well at least internal wars are verbal. not killing each other or blowing up the country. Moslems in region might try same instead of killing each other and blowing up the place.
13. Mrs.
Judy Cohen ,   Toronto   (12.30.18)
Would a Shaked/Bennett party's victory lead to a Fascist Israel?
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