Hezbollah races to save terror tunnels as IDF floods them
Yoav Zitun, Ahiya Raved
Published: 27.12.18, 19:23
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1. Planning and Expense Down the Drain
GHook93 ,   Chicago   (12.27.18)
I know people will state that Hezbollah gets funds from Iran and other places, but these funds are limited. Like all aid there is a ton of waste and abuse, especially when it comes to terrorist funding. There is no honor among thieves (or terrorist in their case).

These tunnels take a lot of planning, time, effort and money. Filling them with cement and water and continuing to do so will drain Hezbollah of precious resources!
2. Now that is clever
And clever way should always be the Israeli way.
3. Fill them with thermobaric mix and blow
Juha   (12.27.18)
Thermobaric (aka "vacuum bomb") is a great thing for filling caves, tunnels and any confined spaces. As the fuel ignites, it consumes all the air for combustion, causing a rapid drop in air pressure. Being exposed to this causes certain death and in a very painful way.
4. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (12.27.18)
Israel must do everything needed to prevent use of tunnels. the danger to Israel is great. pity Hezbollah does not do commercial work. would last longer and more profitable.
5. caught wet and shaking! now pass some high voltage
in the water to demonstrate the connection between the two ends of the tunnel and to fry those that were caught wet-handed.

Well done, IDF.
6. Should wait...
shmulke ,   w. coast USA   (12.28.18)
until the tunnel is full of Hezbollocks
7. Now we're surely going to bomb these houses, NO?????!!!!!!!!
8. good idea, good work!
9. Mr.
Monty Pogoda ,   Efrat   (05.07.19)
Just imagine sitting watching TV. then suddenly concrete sludge starts filling the floor and flowing out the front door.
I find this to be hilarious.
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