Israel's most famous author, Amos Oz, dies at 79
Published: 28.12.18, 18:27
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1. Amos Oz
Steven ,   Rockville MD USA   (12.28.18)
A literally giant. May he rest in peace.
2. He was a bright light in a nation enveloped by darkness
Mark Jeffery Koch ,   Mount Laurel, NJ USA   (12.28.18)
Amos Oz was one of the giants not only of Israeli literature but literature worldwide as well.

Although the right wing belittled, disparaged and debased him while he was alive and some of the far right will continue to do so a person with any sense of decency and morality will realize the incredible contributions Amos Oz made and celebrate him. He contributed so very, very much to the nation of Israel, something that none of his critics have done.

His memory and his works should be read, studied, and cherished forever and may his soul rest in eternal peace.
3. A Liberal Racist Zionist
4. A very gifted author and equally bad in understanding Arab
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.29.18)
war against Israel
5. Bad English
Michael Lubetzky ,   Speicher   (12.29.18)
It should be "surrounded by his loved ones", not his "lovers".
6. Reality is also real identity/surname
DANN-SHSCollaborator ,   Montevideo   (12.29.18)
A very strange writer .Amos Klausner /Oz..Sometime gifted? sometime shadowy .May be his deep contradictions IN HIS writings has certain relationship with his changed name Like the brilliant English mathematician and writer Lewis Carrol would have said 2+2 is 4 always in the decimal system .If it is 3 it is not real Its faked ..Mario Benedetti and Juan Carlos Onetti both with political persecutions in theirs ORIGINAL life in SOUTH AMERICA were two gifted writers in Spanish language who never changed theier real identities Both with honor prizes also in Kingdom of Spain like the Israeli writer Amos Klausner/Oz (?) .Rest in Peace .
7. No doubt a heavy blow to his bosom Pal (pun intended) Marwan
8. Yes, even after his death the legacy will remain in doubt.
9. At the funeral of a (shall we say) 'unpopular' citizen, the
guy designated to deliver eulogy struggles to find something good& positive to say about the deceased.
Sweat runs down his face, nothing comes to his mind.
At the last, desperate moment he blurts out:
'Well, his brother Jimmy was even a MUCH bigger S.O.B.!'
10. Good writer, maybe- bad Jew , for sure.
11. Loving
C   (12.29.18)
loving a man beloved by his enemies is an achievement in irony.
12. Interview with Ilana Dayan
Mike ,   Rishon le Zion   (12.30.18)
They showed an interview which Ilana Dayan conducted with Amos Oz a few years ago on the TV last night.
He certainly comes across as a sharp intellect with direct opinions and highly developed speedy analytical skills, judging by the rapidity and cogency of his responses.
What utterly surprised me was his admission that he has no internet and no email. How could such a giant of literature and such a brilliant analytical mind function well in today's world without these basic tools we use every day? And even more mystifying - why did he deny himself these basic tools?
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