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Economists: Wall Street woes could spell trouble for Israel
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Published: 30.12.18, 09:18
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CONFUCIUS ,   SAFED CHINA   (12.30.18)
" The more you owe the better off you are...."
2. Israel Economy Remains Strong?
Rich ,   Toronto   (12.30.18)
That‘s all fantasy! If Israel‘s economy was strong, there would be peace, Israelis would be making more money, pensions would be better for retired people, taxes would be going down, vacation time would be going up, and the overall quality of life would be on par with Switzerland, Germany, Canada or Austria. If Israel‘s economy was so strong, they would not be receiving billions of dollars from US taxpayers every year to subsidize the economy and the military. And with an overpopulation, the only thing that‘s getting stronger is poverty. Yes, there will be trouble for Israel when Wall Street goes down because the whole global financial system is NOT REAL and TOTALLY CORRUPT! In 2008, there was no real bailout of the banks. The criminal banksters on Wall Street and at the Fed just kicked the can down the road by taking US taxpayers money (QE) to prop up banks that should have been allowed to fail. Only the wealthy elites made big money with QE. When they stop the quantitative easing in the US and Europe, the whole financial system will go down. You can look at the share price of every major bank and see that they‘re falling. There will be no light at the end of this tunnel.
3. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (12.30.18)
Wall St. woes could mean trouble for all economies including China. Trump is a meshuganah that does not know to govern. he is not only incompetent but he may be a crook as well.enough said.
M BARR ,   MIAMI   (06.17.19)
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