Bennett, Shaked's 'New Right' party said set to unite with Jewish Home
Published: 30.12.18, 14:45
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1. Detestable Duo
Disillusioned   (12.30.18)
Two more egotistical power freaks playing wheeler-dealer games with what has proved to be a ridiculously gullible public.

Hopefully, we can rely on Netanyahu's paranoia to work out that the two are working to unseat him. When that happens, he figures out the appropriate revenge.

First prize, however, will be more and more disgusted people moving to the centre to get away from the filth that has become Israeli politics.

2. Elkin.Vote for Likud.Who.!.There’s no one to be foreign min
Eden   (12.30.18)
3. We want to hear what Benny Gantz can do. We tired of broken
Eden   (12.30.18)
4. Let’s see what sexy shaked can do on her name once
Tehraniporou   (12.30.18)
Her black stockings are unleashed. This may contribute to the victory of gantz Lapid and a center left gov after so many years
5. Two clowns
Tc   (12.31.18)
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